Saturday, December 22, 2007

Uncle Sam Wants You!

"A soulja buddy, I was born on the base
Uncle Sam want who?, Get the fuck up out my face
The case is closed
I can't be treated like a ho
No push-ups, no sit-ups, I tell ya hell no
I been in the army 22 years to today
I rock my fatigues, I rock my muthafucking yay
I sweep on the bump and let it rid e on y'all punks
The streets my army and I been ready off the jump
Muthafuckers, I'ma soulja"
-Pastor Troy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

As Bob Marley so eloquently stated, "there is so much trouble in the world." A lot of musicians produce great works of art when there is great pain in their life (2Pac - The Greatest).
Lupe, "I'm in a dark, melancholy mood. I'm not a happy camper right now."
Among several loved ones dying this year, Lupe Fiasco's friend, mentor and business partner (who owns the record label 1st & 15th with him) was sentenced to 44 years behind bars after being convicted of drug charges.

Hence, the inspiration for... "The Cool."

"...the basic idea revolves around three previously mentioned characters-- what Lupe calls his "three evil angels"-- depicted in symbol form on the record's cryptogram cover. The first character, the Cool, is a zombie hustler of sorts based on the Food & Liquor song of the same name (click here to listen).

"I expand on the story," Lupe explained. "I introduce two other characters, the Game and the Streets. The Streets is a female. She's like the action personification of the streets, the street life, the call of the streets. The Game is the same way. The Game is the personification of the game. The pimp's game, the hustler's game, the con man's game, whatever."

He continued: "Then they've got supernatural characteristics. Like the Cool, his right hand is rotted away. The only thing that rotted away was his right hand. It represents the rotting away of his righteousness, of his good. And the Streets and the Cool kind of have a love affair going on. So she's represented by this locket. And the locket has a key and it's on fire. And as a gift to the Cool on his rise to fame, she gave him the key. And the key represents the key to the Streets. So she wears a locket around her neck at all times.

"And the way the story goes, she has given that key to tons of people throughout time. Al Capone, Alexander the Great, whatever. She's giving them the key to the Streets. Fame and fortune-- but also the prices.

"The Game, he's represented by a stripped-down skull, a skull with dice in his eyes and smoke coming out of his mouth. The billowing smoke is actually crack smoke."

"It's not a full concept album; it's more spread over like five [tracks], really abstractly."

"On this album, I wanted to talk about five or six things directly," Lupe explained. "I wanted to talk about the environment-- which I didn't really get a chance to do--immigration, rape, drug abuse, and health.

"[Part of] the inspiration for The Cool actually was Cornel West. The guy was like, 'If you really want to effect social change in the world, you have to make those things which are uncool, cool. You have to, in essence, make it hip to be square.' And it's more about how you deliver those things, how you package those things for people to digest them."
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike Vick Sentenced to 23 Months for Dogfighting

What a bunch of bullshit! First, I want to preface everything by saying I'm a dog lover. Pac has been my homie ever since he came into our life. If anything happened to him, I don't know what I would do. He's the perfect dog. He's loyal, obedient, playful, too smart for his own good, charismatic and good looking. He's treated like he's our child. We feed him only organic dog food and snacks and give him filtered water to drink (btw....just purchased this and I luuuuv it (click here - Can I get some advertisement sponsorship?....went through 5 gal. between me, babe and pac in a week!). And most of all, we give him love. Having said that, I think it's a dirty game and it sickens me that Mike Vick is serving a mandatory 19.5 months in slavery for dogfighting. I'll be the first to say I'm not a fan of pit bulls although physically I think they are stunning (especially the "blue" ones). This is what the owners say about their breed,
"THE GOLDEN RULE OF PIT BULL OWNERSHIP - NEVER TRUST YOUR PIT BULL NOT TO FIGHT! This breed is descended from pit dogs one way or another, and, given the right circumstances, most Pit Bulls will fight and against any other breed. The breeding of dogs with bad temperaments is one of the largest problems the breed faces today and fuels the fire of breed specific legislation. A dog that was previously non-dog aggressive may "turn-on" and suddenly doesn't like other dogs of the same sex, or, for that matter, any dogs at all, even house mates they have been raised with. Adult Pit Bulls should NEVER be left alone with other dogs and require proper supervision. Pit Bulls may exhibit intense "prey drive", leading them to "stalk" small animals such as cats, rats, chickens, livestock, or other pets."
There is no coincidence that dog fighters choose pit bulls to fight. These same dogs have dominated the news from mauling human beings. They've killed numerous children (click here). They are outlawed in many cities (click here). My point is, Vick let these dogs do what they do naturally. Yea, killing a dog because it's not a good fighter is absolutely wrong and some legal consequence is justified (even though hunters can kill deer for the "sport" of it). Sending Mike for 2 years to federal prison is BULLSHIT! I don't even want to start on PETA (click here). This hugely contributing member of society is caged when Mary Winkler is free. For those that don't know, this mother murdered her well loved Church Pastor husband in cold blood, shooting him in the back with a shot gun while he was sleeping because he was critical of her (keep in mind she was convicted of money scams). She said,
"He criticized her hair and wanted her to watch porn and have "unnatural" sex afterwards, and she just wanted him not to be mean. She didn't pull the trigger but something suddenly went off - boom - and he was dead"
... and fled with their children, pleaded not guilty and served a whopping 67 days and was released? Something is seriously wrong with our judicial system. Vick is in prison while Dubya is walking around free facing no cases for his illegal war which has resulted in thousands of people dead??? Come on now. The crime simply does not justify the punishment.

UPDATE: Just read this sickening news today; Snitch Co-Defendent who faced the SAME
charges as Vick gets 2 months.....yes 2 months (click here).
"He was the most significant source of information in this case," Gill (Prosecutor) told U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson. "He did not hesitate in any way." Gill said it would have taken the government significantly longer to build a case against Vick and his three co-defendants had it not been for Taylor."

Monday, December 3, 2007

"The Coolest": A Match Made in Heavan

Babe mad at me right now. She surprised me with the things she said last night. I was speechless. I'm not going to get into details but she knows, "I love her with all my heart...every vein..every vessel...." And I'm thinking, "Is it really that serious?" But obviously it is. And even though she ain't really feelin' me right now, I know she loves me. I know she still my ride or die chick. Babe if you check this post out, I think about you when I listen to the first verse of this song and even though you're mad at me, which you know you can't be for long, I still love ya:

Monday, November 26, 2007

American Gangster

"The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room"

New New Outkast

Ok, just when I thought 'Lil Wayne had no one to compete with comes somebody challenging the reigning champ. Hip Hop is dead? I don't think so. 3000 is on a entirely differently level out of this world, "Trying to live like a nicca supposed to live." Good to see Andre' back rapping. They don't hear you Dre'. Poetry in its purest form:

Outkast ft. Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry):
"Art of Story Telling. Part 4"

So I'm watching her fine ass walk to my bedroom,
and thought to myself that's the shape of things to cum.

She said, "Why in the club you don't make it precipitate,

you know, make it rain, when you can make it thunderstorm?"
I'm like, "Why? The world needs sun.

The hood needs funds.

There's a war going on

and half the battle is guns.

How dare I throw it on the floor,

when people are poor?

So I write like Edgar Allen to restore."

Got a chord,

umbilical attached to a place that can't afford,

no landscaping
or window draping.
This old lady told me, "If I ain't got nuttin' good, say nathan."

That's why I don't talk much.

swear it don't cost much,

to pay attention to me.

I tell it like it is, then I tell it how it could be.
The hood be,

requesting my services.
Oh don't get nervous.

It's step your game up time.

These ain't them same old rhymes,


to have you dancing in some club.
Niggas ride to me. Women be off in they tub,

expholiating with they pom poms yelling, "Go
I'm in my whatever bumping what a 100 miles and

running running running running .

Summon woman.

Come and

sit down. Heard you need some plumbing

done in.

I'm in
a swell mood,
or rather swole mood.

Until she told me that she told dude,

that she'll be back she's going to the store.

I didn't know she had a boyfriend, so the door

I pointed her to. I said call me when you'll break up.
I don't fuck nobody bitch and never owned a Jacob.

Know what time it is,

Nigga just trying to live

like a nigga supposed to live.

If I still

drink that malt liquor
I pour the beer

on the ground
for niggas not around.

I started off starving,

now they got me out here Brett Favre'n.

Trying to see if I still got it. Got it.

I guess I can write something about it. Bout it. Bout it.
Bout it. Bout it. Bout it.

-Andre' 3000

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day, is a traditional North American holiday to give thanks for the things that one has at the conclusion of the harvest season. Good times!

Question: Why do I still have to sit at the kiddy table?

My Grandma, pushing 90, looks guooood.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

SS Chevy Shinin'

Ok, the water pump on Big Thelma was leaking (bad gasket), which gave me an excuse to replace the water pump. What started out as something straight forward turned into installing new harmonic balancer, timing chain cover, front seal, valve covers, oil pan seal and of course restoring the engine back to her original color of Chevy Orange. She's a beast. It's amazing how much oil can slip out of a bad front seal and dirty your engine up. The SS engine is back shinnin' like she's supposed to be.

"I drive Chevys, fuck Mercedes
Hopped out the new CL V12, got in the SS"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Model Lakshmi - Born with 4 Arms & 4 Legs in India

This was reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today:

BANGALORE, India — Revered by some in her village as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess [of wealth], a 2-year-old girl [named Lakshmi] born with four arms and four legs was undergoing surgery Tuesday to leave her with a normal body.

...She is named after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth and her parents say she is revered in her village.

"Everybody considers her a goddess at our village," said her father, Shambhu, who goes by one name. "All this expenditure has happened to make her normal. So far, everything is fine."

Others sought to make money from Lakshmi. Her parents kept her in hiding after a circus apparently tried to buy the girl, they said.

The complications for Lakshmi's surgery are myriad: The two spines are merged, she has four kidneys, entangled nerves, two stomach cavities and two chest cavities. She cannot stand up or walk.

"It's a big team effort of a lot of skilled surgeons who will be putting their heart and soul into solving the problem of Lakshmi," Patil said earlier in the day. "It's going to take many, many hours on a continuous basis to operate on the baby. So, these issues definitely make it complex."

Patil put the risk of losing Lakshmi between 20 and 25 percent. Doctors have said the best case scenario after the surgery is that she will walk and function as a normal child.

Doctors at Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore, where the girl is undergoing surgery, said she is popular among the staff and patients. The hospital's foundation is paying for the operation because the girl's family could not afford the medical bills.

"She's a very cute girl," Dr. Patil Mamatha said. "She's very playful and gets along well with others."

The girl named Lakshmi is joined to a "parasitic twin" that stopped developing in the mother's womb. The surviving fetus absorbed the limbs, kidneys and other body parts of the undeveloped fetus.

A team of 30 doctors was removing the extra limbs and organs, surgery that if successful would give her a good chance to live past adolescence. They have already separated the fused spines and the next step will be to remove the extra limbs and the rest of the "parasite," said Dr. Sharan Patil, the orthopedic surgeon leading the operation.

"As of now, the child has been responding very well," Patil said several hours into the operation.

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Lupe Fiasco - Superstar

I'm feeling this song....Rare Art! It's great to see an artist that actually makes music for the love of music and not money (look how he's feeling the music in the video). Lupe quote:
"Like Jay-Z told me. He was like, don’t sacrifice your art for some fame. You ain’t gotta dumb down; you ain’t always gotta do that. Don’t chase radio. That’s one thing that always stuck: “Don’t chase radio.”

This is the third verse that is not in the video (pay attention because he's not going to 'dumb it down' for you);
So chauffeur chauffeur come and take me away
Cuz I been standing in this line
For like five whole days
Me and security ain't getting along
And when I got to the front they told me all of the tickets were gone
So just take me home where the mood is mellow
And the roses are thrown
M&M's are yellow
And the light bulbs around my mirror don't flicker
Everybody gets a nice autograph picture
One for you and one for your sister
Who had to work tonight but is an avid listener
Every songs a favorite song
And mikes don't feed back
All the reviewers say you need to go and see that
And everybody claps cuz everybody is pleased
Then they all take the stage and start performing for me

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Pac said he wanted to be batman for Halloween since he already has the ears.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tyler Perry - Why Did I Get Married?

Tyler Perry's new movie, "Why Did I get Married?" came out last night at midnight and I decided to support Atlanta resident Tyler Perry. I was surprised the theater (Atlantic Station) was damn near empty. The BET Hip Hop Awards is going on all this weekend so babe suspected that people were probably caught up in that. Perry is doing his thing. He wrote, produced, starred AND directed the movie. I ain't mad at ya bruh. I was happy to see Tyler play a stand up married man considering I'm used to seeing his "suspect" ass in drag. The plot was pretty good and the acting was ok (Janet was not too convincing). Jill Scott was pretty good. There's something special about her voice and the way she talks that just gets to me. When she speaks, it's poetry. The message I took away from the movie was the 80/20 rule. Basically, in marriage, your spouse has 80% of what you need ... oh.. if he/she could just be the other 20% then things would be PERFECT. But as time goes on, instead of appreciating the 80%, you start complaining and wishing you had the 20%. Then Mr. or Ms. 20% comes along.. and you think.. yeah this is what I need.. and you foolishly let go of the "80%" to grasp the "20%".

We all experience challenges in our relationships. But when we start to believe that there is something out there better than what we have, that is the day the affair starts and we loose track of our priorities. We need to be committed in building up our partners in the areas that they are lacking instead of looking for it somewhere else. I truly believe if two people are REALLY committed to each, have faith in each other and willing to do whatever to make each other happy, they can make it work.

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's a "Thug's Life"

Ok.....Babe has been wanting a dog FOREVER. I was not too excited about it because the dog she wanted was not the cutest, super expensive and I was not looking forward to the added expense of vet bills and dog food. We finally decided to get one after she found one from a breeder for a somewhat "reasonable" price (due to the fact that he was 6 months). He's a French Bulldog. She let me name him and pick out his collar and leash. I named him 2Pac (but he goes by Pac for short) and I picked out a thugged out studded collar and leather leash. I've actually grown quite fond of him and his looks have grown on me (he's actually a good looking dog with a strong stance). Welcome to the fam. Pac!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brian Nichols to use mental illness defense

Today, the AJC reported the attorneys for Brian Nichols (Nat Turner Reincarnated), Accused courthouse shooter, was delusional (click here).

For those of you who don’t remember the story, here it goes:

Brian Nichols, a computer engineer earning 6 figures working for UPS at the time, was originally accused of rape and false imprisonment by his ex-girlfriend. She was his ex because they broke up after she cheated on him with the preacher that was giving them relationship counseling at their church.

This is what his cell-mate said who was living w/ him for 2 months, “Nichols was furious he couldn’t post bail, he felt betrayed by his former girlfriend, and he was convinced a preacher who had been counseling the couple caused their breakup, then started dating the woman, Johnson said. But several weeks into his stay, Johnson said he noticed that Nichols` anger was beginning to get the best of him. As he sat in his jail cell waiting for his first trial to begin, Nichols` frustration and anger mounted. The angrier Nichols got, the more he paced his cell or exercised. When he talked about his ex-girlfriend, Nichols told his cell-mate, "I should have done something to her for real," Johnson said. "He thought his world was over with," said Johnson, who says he confronted Nichols about his anger.

Atlanta Journal and Const.: That relationship with the minister clearly upset Nichols, the transcripts show. In recounting a conversation he had with the minister, Nichols told jurors: "I told him that I felt as though he was a false prophet, a false teacher."

This cheating woman framed him! He pistol whipped the reporter he carjacked after leaving the courthouse (it's not right but I understand). Atlanta journal constitution, “one of his white carjacking and assault victims, AJC reporter Don O’Briant, called him a racial epithet.”

This man was facing life in prison (with a baby on the way whom he wanted to be a father to) because of false accusations made by his cheating ex-girlfriend. That’s enough to drive any man insane.

Brian Nichols said he was a soldier. “In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the official said, "Nichols said he was angry that many of the inmates around him were also black and he wondered how many were innocent. He called it systematic slavery," the law enforcement official said.

His anger was focused more on the legal system than race. And the main target was Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes, who was preparing to resume hearing Nichols` rape trial.” We all know how his rage against the system ended.

The shootings and escape

After female sheriff's deputy, 5'2" Cynthia Hall, removed his handcuffs so that he could change into civilian clothes (to appear in court), Nichols attacked the deputy and took her sidearm. Nichols then crossed over to the old courthouse via a skybridge, where he entered the private chambers of Judge Rowland W. Barnes. While there he encountered another deputy, overpowered him and also took his weapon. Nichols then entered Barnes' courtroom from a door behind the judge's bench, where Barnes was presiding over motions in a civil trial, and shot him in the back of the head. Nichols then shot the court reporter, shot a pursuing deputy outside the courtroom, and then fled the building.

Pain - 2Pac

Friday, August 3, 2007


Our military = highly trained death squad.

Bombs Over Baghdad:

Bob Marley - War

"What life has taught me
I would like to share with
Those who want to learn...

Until the philosophy which hold one race
Superior and another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
Everywhere is war, me say war

That until there are no longer first class
And second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man's skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
Me say war

That until the basic human rights are equally
Guaranteed to all, without regard to race
Dis a war

That until that day
The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
Rule of international morality
Will remain in but a fleeting illusion
To be persued, but never attained
Now everywhere is war, war

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique,
South Africa sub-human bondage
Have been toppled, utterly destroyed
Well, everywhere is war, me say war

War in the east, war in the west
War up north, war down south
War, war, rumours of war

And until that day, the African continent
Will not know peace, we Africans will fight
We find it necessary and we know we shall win
As we are confident in the victory

Of good over evil, good over evil, good over evil
Good over evil, good over evil, good over evil."

Friday, July 27, 2007

Black Mafia Family (BMF) Crips Empire

Demetrius Flenory, AKA Big Meech or as I knew him , Meechie (while being a valet driver at the Gentleman's Club during college...and yes he was a GREAT tipper), is facing life in prison for being the alleged leader of one of the biggest Black criminal organizations EVER [update: convicted and sentenced to 30 years to life]. Bringing "Big Meech", his brother "Southwest T", and other BMF members to trial and ultimately a conviction was based solely upon informant testimony from former BMF members. There were no drugs seized from any of the defendants in the case. Meechie is credited for everything from shooting Puffy's bodyguard (which led to all ATL clubs closing early) to shooting Bobby Brown's relative at Justin's to putting a hit on Gucci Mane to getting Jacob the Jeweler indicted to being the guy 404MotorSports owner (and ex-husband of Mayor Shirley Franklin's daughter) was selling cocaine for to launching the careers of Fabolous & Young Jeezy

"I know Big Meech, the REAL Big Meech,
It's over for you clowns soon as my nigga hit them streets" - Jeezy Hustlin' remix

"... you don't want me to get the streets involved

or better yet, one call & get Meech involved (BMF n!gga) - Jeezy

"give me the whole bag, i ain't trippin on the push
in a world where Big Meech got more money than George Bush (George Bush?)
So nygga i understand em
I ain't never seen the leader of our nation in a phantom" - Jeezy (original red cafe duke version)

The DEA estimates his operation is worth $270 million in cash and another $20 million in assets from cocaine sales. Meechie is known to regularly spend $50,000 a night while clubbing at the strip clubs.

The BMF was a sophisticated drug smuggling and money laundering organization, led by brothers that operated in 11 U.S. states and had direct links to Mexico-based drug trafficking organizations,” said DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy. DEA, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS - CI) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Michigan joined forces in Operation Motor City Mafia, a 2-year Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation coordinated by DEA’s Special Operations Division (SOD) that began on October 28, 2003.

Information gathered during the investigation revealed that the BMF distributed thousands of kilograms of cocaine and laundered millions of dollars in drug proceeds. BMF members and associates were responsible for trafficking approximately 2,500 kilos of cocaine monthly through their Atlanta hub.

This is what the AJC reported: "In Atlanta, the group was so brazen it threw elaborate parties featuring zoo animals, ran up bar tabs of thousands of dollars and boasted about its existence with a billboard [The World is B.M.F's].

The two kingpins of the operation, Detroit brothers Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory, ran an enterprise that was a model of criminal efficiency, according to scores of pages of court documents. The two brothers, who are now in custody, face trial on 13 federal charges in Detroit in November.

Demetrius Flenory allegedly ran the operation's Atlanta hub while Terry Flenory was based in Los Angeles, according to federal authorities.

The newest indictment states that the BMF distributed cocaine across the country, using hidden compartments inside cars. The BMF acquired driver's licenses under fake names for their "mules" by bribing an official who worked for Tennessee state government, who provided the licenses, the indictment says.

The BMF members were better known by their aliases and nicknames that seem straight out of Soprano-like underworld fiction — "Big Meech," "Wimp," "White Boy," "B-Smooth," "Mad Ball" and "Pig Triplet."

The traffickers had an elaborate system for laundering the $270 million in cash federal authorities said they made distributing cocaine: They purchased jewelry, acquired real estate through straw buyers and, in some cases, bought winning lottery tickets, paying more than they were worth, then cashing in the tickets [$1 million worth of tickets].

The Flenory brothers got their start in big-time cocaine trafficking in their hometown of Detroit where Demetrius picked up his first major arrest in 1988 when he was arrested with less than 2 ounces of cocaine.

"Big Meech," as he was known, beat the rap because he was a youthful offender. But he already had learned the ropes of drug trafficking, according to federal authorities, and soon he and his brother were running a web of drug enterprises connecting Detroit, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Flenory started BMF Entertainment in Atlanta, which purported to be a record label specializing in rap music artists and gangster-style videos, according to court papers filed in the Detroit federal case. BMF also published a rap magazine, Juice, and hosted a Web site.

Flenory claimed he made $20,000 to $30,000 a month as the BMF Entertainment CEO, even though the business never had incorporated or filed a federal tax form, according to federal court documents [one artist signed (Bleu Da Vinci) with no hits]. That money, combined with the alleged $270 million the traffickers laundered in 15 years of selling cocaine, bankrolled a high-flying lifestyle of luxury cars, private jets and diamond-encrusted crosses.

At his home, Flenory threw parties where live animals — a tiger, zebra and gorilla — were part of the entertainment.

At restaurants such as Justin's on Peachtree Road in Buckhead, he hobnobbed with hip-hop royalty after he and his entourage arrived in Bentleys, BMWs and Maseratis. Flenory would buy the drinks, cases of Cristal champagne, and pick up bar tabs that ran into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Members of Flenory's entourage wore diamonds and Rolexes and often carried powerful firearms. The BMF was famous for raining money in clubs by tossing thousands of dollars so the cash floated onto patrons.

In 2003, in a nod to Flenory's prominence in the hip-hop world, producer and music mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs threw a 35th birthday party for Flenory at Justin's, which Combs owns. A photograph from the evening shows Combs with his arm around Flenory.

A few months later, Flenory's world began to unravel when he was involved in the Nov. 11, 2003, shootout that killed two of Combs' friends in front of Club Chaos in Buckhead. A witness told Atlanta police she saw Flenory pull a handgun out of his waistband just before the shootout that killed Lamont Girdy, 38, and Anthony "Wolf" Jones, a former bodyguard for Combs.

Flenory was arrested but not indicted. There have been no other arrests.

The shooting victims had wads of cash: $7,000 in Jones' pocket; $5,000 in Girdy's.

"That's pocket change to them [literally]," said Al Dixon, a former Fulton County senior prosecutor who was in charge of the criminal case.The incident brought attention to the Flenory brothers' Black Family Mafia. And the federal government soon launched the investigation that has put both brothers behind bars and yielded the latest round of indictments."


CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency): The Real D-Boys

While the U.S. federal government has been waging a phony and hypocritical "war on drugs" as an easy way to increase repression in inner cities and confiscate millions of dollars in private assets through unconstitutional forfeiture laws in order to fund its burgeoning police state, it has also been an active participant in the illegal drug trade, using public resources to bring heroin and cocaine into American inner cities at least since the 1960's.

One scandal involved the Central Intelligence Agency selling crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles in order to fund the U.S. covert war against the people of Nicaragua.

Gary Webb, the reporter who single-handedly broke the story, wrote an article that traces the CIA's west coast crack supply network from the street level backward through the CIA to Central and South America.

Former CIA agent David MacMichel explained the inherent relationship between CIA activity in Latin America and drug trafficking: "Once you set up a covert operation to supply arms and money, it's very difficult to separate it from the kind of people who are involved in other forms of trade, and especially drugs. There is a limited number of planes, pilots and landing strips. By developing a system for supply of the Contras, the US built a road for drug supply into the US."

"At night I can't sleep--we livin' in Hell
First they give us the work then they throw us in jail
Road trip...yea I'm trafficking the white
Please Lord don't let me go to jail tonight...

Just because we stack paper and we ball outrageous,
Them alphabet boys gotta us under surveillance.
(Like animals) They lock us in cages
The same nigga that's a star when you put 'em on stages."

- Jeezy (Soul Survivor)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pussy Power!!!!!

Last night, I took my girl to the "The Beyonce Experience." Beyonce and her all-female band were PHENOMENAL. The girl on the sax was sick! As my lady would say, she's the hardest working female in show business. She can give Janet a run for her money with her dancing skills (didn't miss a note while doing all here bootylicious dances).....and Amerie a run for her money with her legs (dayummmm is all i can say). Initially I was trippin' a little on the price. I was mentally prepared to pay $200 but after all the ticketmaster taxes, fees, charges, and parking pass...the total came to damn near $300 (worth every penny considering what I've been known to blow 3 bills on).

Robin Thicke did his thing! Play that funky music white boy. He does this forward crazy-leg moonwalk when he performs that looks weird and gay. Other then that, he really puts on a good show.

I was surprised at how many Black people were there (I think I literally saw 2-3 White people). I thought her appeal would be more diverse. Unfortunately, my girl and I were a huge minority being a heterosexual couple. Single woman and gay men were EVERYWHERE. The group of six dudes directly in front of me looked like the dudes in the pic. I'm looking crazy because these big 200 lb. hairy dudes are hugging, griding and kissing on each other the entire concert while playing musical chairs. My very liberal girl is looking at me like I'm some neanderthal caveman living in the 1920's. I tell her, I'm sorry to each it's own, but I'm all about heterosexual love. Until a man turns up pregnant, I have the laws of nature to back my view. She gave me that "whateva" look and went back to dancing to "Me, Myself and I."

One of the many things I like about Beyonce is she's not like Kim Hordashian bouncing from one dude to the next never making a serious commitment to anyone. She represents the Black love I'm talking about. Peep these lyrics:

I know it ain't easy
Easy loving me
I appreciate the love and dedication
From you to me
Later on in my destiny
I see myself having your child
I see myself being your wife
And I see my whole future in your eyes
The thought of all my love for you
Sometimes makes me wanna cry
Realize all my blessings
I'm grateful
To have you by my side

I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you here with me
Cause I'm Dangerously In Love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
The way I love you loving me