Friday, July 27, 2007

Black Mafia Family (BMF) Crips Empire

Demetrius Flenory, AKA Big Meech or as I knew him , Meechie (while being a valet driver at the Gentleman's Club during college...and yes he was a GREAT tipper), is facing life in prison for being the alleged leader of one of the biggest Black criminal organizations EVER [update: convicted and sentenced to 30 years to life]. Bringing "Big Meech", his brother "Southwest T", and other BMF members to trial and ultimately a conviction was based solely upon informant testimony from former BMF members. There were no drugs seized from any of the defendants in the case. Meechie is credited for everything from shooting Puffy's bodyguard (which led to all ATL clubs closing early) to shooting Bobby Brown's relative at Justin's to putting a hit on Gucci Mane to getting Jacob the Jeweler indicted to being the guy 404MotorSports owner (and ex-husband of Mayor Shirley Franklin's daughter) was selling cocaine for to launching the careers of Fabolous & Young Jeezy

"I know Big Meech, the REAL Big Meech,
It's over for you clowns soon as my nigga hit them streets" - Jeezy Hustlin' remix

"... you don't want me to get the streets involved

or better yet, one call & get Meech involved (BMF n!gga) - Jeezy

"give me the whole bag, i ain't trippin on the push
in a world where Big Meech got more money than George Bush (George Bush?)
So nygga i understand em
I ain't never seen the leader of our nation in a phantom" - Jeezy (original red cafe duke version)

The DEA estimates his operation is worth $270 million in cash and another $20 million in assets from cocaine sales. Meechie is known to regularly spend $50,000 a night while clubbing at the strip clubs.

The BMF was a sophisticated drug smuggling and money laundering organization, led by brothers that operated in 11 U.S. states and had direct links to Mexico-based drug trafficking organizations,” said DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy. DEA, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS - CI) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Michigan joined forces in Operation Motor City Mafia, a 2-year Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation coordinated by DEA’s Special Operations Division (SOD) that began on October 28, 2003.

Information gathered during the investigation revealed that the BMF distributed thousands of kilograms of cocaine and laundered millions of dollars in drug proceeds. BMF members and associates were responsible for trafficking approximately 2,500 kilos of cocaine monthly through their Atlanta hub.

This is what the AJC reported: "In Atlanta, the group was so brazen it threw elaborate parties featuring zoo animals, ran up bar tabs of thousands of dollars and boasted about its existence with a billboard [The World is B.M.F's].

The two kingpins of the operation, Detroit brothers Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory, ran an enterprise that was a model of criminal efficiency, according to scores of pages of court documents. The two brothers, who are now in custody, face trial on 13 federal charges in Detroit in November.

Demetrius Flenory allegedly ran the operation's Atlanta hub while Terry Flenory was based in Los Angeles, according to federal authorities.

The newest indictment states that the BMF distributed cocaine across the country, using hidden compartments inside cars. The BMF acquired driver's licenses under fake names for their "mules" by bribing an official who worked for Tennessee state government, who provided the licenses, the indictment says.

The BMF members were better known by their aliases and nicknames that seem straight out of Soprano-like underworld fiction — "Big Meech," "Wimp," "White Boy," "B-Smooth," "Mad Ball" and "Pig Triplet."

The traffickers had an elaborate system for laundering the $270 million in cash federal authorities said they made distributing cocaine: They purchased jewelry, acquired real estate through straw buyers and, in some cases, bought winning lottery tickets, paying more than they were worth, then cashing in the tickets [$1 million worth of tickets].

The Flenory brothers got their start in big-time cocaine trafficking in their hometown of Detroit where Demetrius picked up his first major arrest in 1988 when he was arrested with less than 2 ounces of cocaine.

"Big Meech," as he was known, beat the rap because he was a youthful offender. But he already had learned the ropes of drug trafficking, according to federal authorities, and soon he and his brother were running a web of drug enterprises connecting Detroit, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Flenory started BMF Entertainment in Atlanta, which purported to be a record label specializing in rap music artists and gangster-style videos, according to court papers filed in the Detroit federal case. BMF also published a rap magazine, Juice, and hosted a Web site.

Flenory claimed he made $20,000 to $30,000 a month as the BMF Entertainment CEO, even though the business never had incorporated or filed a federal tax form, according to federal court documents [one artist signed (Bleu Da Vinci) with no hits]. That money, combined with the alleged $270 million the traffickers laundered in 15 years of selling cocaine, bankrolled a high-flying lifestyle of luxury cars, private jets and diamond-encrusted crosses.

At his home, Flenory threw parties where live animals — a tiger, zebra and gorilla — were part of the entertainment.

At restaurants such as Justin's on Peachtree Road in Buckhead, he hobnobbed with hip-hop royalty after he and his entourage arrived in Bentleys, BMWs and Maseratis. Flenory would buy the drinks, cases of Cristal champagne, and pick up bar tabs that ran into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Members of Flenory's entourage wore diamonds and Rolexes and often carried powerful firearms. The BMF was famous for raining money in clubs by tossing thousands of dollars so the cash floated onto patrons.

In 2003, in a nod to Flenory's prominence in the hip-hop world, producer and music mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs threw a 35th birthday party for Flenory at Justin's, which Combs owns. A photograph from the evening shows Combs with his arm around Flenory.

A few months later, Flenory's world began to unravel when he was involved in the Nov. 11, 2003, shootout that killed two of Combs' friends in front of Club Chaos in Buckhead. A witness told Atlanta police she saw Flenory pull a handgun out of his waistband just before the shootout that killed Lamont Girdy, 38, and Anthony "Wolf" Jones, a former bodyguard for Combs.

Flenory was arrested but not indicted. There have been no other arrests.

The shooting victims had wads of cash: $7,000 in Jones' pocket; $5,000 in Girdy's.

"That's pocket change to them [literally]," said Al Dixon, a former Fulton County senior prosecutor who was in charge of the criminal case.The incident brought attention to the Flenory brothers' Black Family Mafia. And the federal government soon launched the investigation that has put both brothers behind bars and yielded the latest round of indictments."


CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency): The Real D-Boys

While the U.S. federal government has been waging a phony and hypocritical "war on drugs" as an easy way to increase repression in inner cities and confiscate millions of dollars in private assets through unconstitutional forfeiture laws in order to fund its burgeoning police state, it has also been an active participant in the illegal drug trade, using public resources to bring heroin and cocaine into American inner cities at least since the 1960's.

One scandal involved the Central Intelligence Agency selling crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles in order to fund the U.S. covert war against the people of Nicaragua.

Gary Webb, the reporter who single-handedly broke the story, wrote an article that traces the CIA's west coast crack supply network from the street level backward through the CIA to Central and South America.

Former CIA agent David MacMichel explained the inherent relationship between CIA activity in Latin America and drug trafficking: "Once you set up a covert operation to supply arms and money, it's very difficult to separate it from the kind of people who are involved in other forms of trade, and especially drugs. There is a limited number of planes, pilots and landing strips. By developing a system for supply of the Contras, the US built a road for drug supply into the US."

"At night I can't sleep--we livin' in Hell
First they give us the work then they throw us in jail
Road trip...yea I'm trafficking the white
Please Lord don't let me go to jail tonight...

Just because we stack paper and we ball outrageous,
Them alphabet boys gotta us under surveillance.
(Like animals) They lock us in cages
The same nigga that's a star when you put 'em on stages."

- Jeezy (Soul Survivor)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pussy Power!!!!!

Last night, I took my girl to the "The Beyonce Experience." Beyonce and her all-female band were PHENOMENAL. The girl on the sax was sick! As my lady would say, she's the hardest working female in show business. She can give Janet a run for her money with her dancing skills (didn't miss a note while doing all here bootylicious dances).....and Amerie a run for her money with her legs (dayummmm is all i can say). Initially I was trippin' a little on the price. I was mentally prepared to pay $200 but after all the ticketmaster taxes, fees, charges, and parking pass...the total came to damn near $300 (worth every penny considering what I've been known to blow 3 bills on).

Robin Thicke did his thing! Play that funky music white boy. He does this forward crazy-leg moonwalk when he performs that looks weird and gay. Other then that, he really puts on a good show.

I was surprised at how many Black people were there (I think I literally saw 2-3 White people). I thought her appeal would be more diverse. Unfortunately, my girl and I were a huge minority being a heterosexual couple. Single woman and gay men were EVERYWHERE. The group of six dudes directly in front of me looked like the dudes in the pic. I'm looking crazy because these big 200 lb. hairy dudes are hugging, griding and kissing on each other the entire concert while playing musical chairs. My very liberal girl is looking at me like I'm some neanderthal caveman living in the 1920's. I tell her, I'm sorry to each it's own, but I'm all about heterosexual love. Until a man turns up pregnant, I have the laws of nature to back my view. She gave me that "whateva" look and went back to dancing to "Me, Myself and I."

One of the many things I like about Beyonce is she's not like Kim Hordashian bouncing from one dude to the next never making a serious commitment to anyone. She represents the Black love I'm talking about. Peep these lyrics:

I know it ain't easy
Easy loving me
I appreciate the love and dedication
From you to me
Later on in my destiny
I see myself having your child
I see myself being your wife
And I see my whole future in your eyes
The thought of all my love for you
Sometimes makes me wanna cry
Realize all my blessings
I'm grateful
To have you by my side

I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you here with me
Cause I'm Dangerously In Love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
The way I love you loving me

Thursday, July 19, 2007

GA soldier charged with murder in death of Iraqi

One of my best friends (college buddy) is out of the army and now in his last year of law school (proud of ya bruh). He's one of those guys, if I had a daughter, I would love for him to date her. At the time, I didn't really understand his quest to get out the army considering he was a Captain. Ever since college until now, he would always tell me he was training to kill. That's the education he received from the army: How to kill the enemy.

We all know and understand that crooked-ass "Dubya" took us to war not for empathy of the Iraqi people or a threat to our security, but for greed, power and oil.

I find it highly ironic and hypocritical that any soldier could be charged with murder considering all the psychological mumbo jumbo the army teaches them about war. If anybody should be charged with murder, it should be Dubya.

Nothing but a sick, sad tragedy any way you look at it: click here

Vick Fight The Powers that Be!

Unless your dead, we've all heard about the indictment. I'm not going to go and and on about 'due process' and how everybody is already calling him Con-Vick (fight the power). That's neither here nor there. Why do white people (and a lot of black people) despise and HATE Vick (dayuum..that's a powerful word)? Even before all the incidents, you haters couldn't stand him. All you fake ass fair weather Falcons fans wouldn't even be Falcons fans if it weren't for Vick.

Vick's ego is so big that he thinks he's above the law (wonder why considering all the preferential treatment star athletes get going all the way back to h.s.) or he's just plain dumb. I'm leaning towards the latter. At least put the deed to the house in Big Earl's or Jay Jay's name.

Ok...back to the issue at hand:

These egotistical owners will pull no stops to have their dogs win in order to feed their insatiable, disgusting appetite for self importance and money. They rigorously train their 'dogs' to compete by changing their diet and consuming the dog with physical activity. And let's not forget the people that go and watch these fights. Sick bastards screaming, "let 'em go!" and getting enjoyment as the 'dogs' rip each other apart while screaming, "Finish him, Bo." The 'dogs' come back tired and wounded and put out to pasture if they loose. Just sad. They really should ban football!!!!...ha ha. Seriously, considering the numerous similarities between dog fighting and football (and boxing), the NFL, Arthur Blank and anyone else prosecuting Vick, would be hypocritical to morally condemn him. All are blood sports.

In conclusion, Vick keep your head up! They are out to get you bruh. Get focused and get your mind on the game. Come out blazing for the Falcons (hope the sorry-ass receivers can catch the ball this year). They will all be right back on your jock strap in no time as long as you win games (Super we come). I hope all the people that are so quick to prosecute him are also vegetarians (especially the judge in the case).

Vick, considering how much money you have, if it's that much of a fetish for you, set up a dog training camp and fighting arena in Mexico where you can fight all the chickens, dogs and cats you want.