Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vick Fight The Powers that Be!

Unless your dead, we've all heard about the indictment. I'm not going to go and and on about 'due process' and how everybody is already calling him Con-Vick (fight the power). That's neither here nor there. Why do white people (and a lot of black people) despise and HATE Vick (dayuum..that's a powerful word)? Even before all the incidents, you haters couldn't stand him. All you fake ass fair weather Falcons fans wouldn't even be Falcons fans if it weren't for Vick.

Vick's ego is so big that he thinks he's above the law (wonder why considering all the preferential treatment star athletes get going all the way back to h.s.) or he's just plain dumb. I'm leaning towards the latter. At least put the deed to the house in Big Earl's or Jay Jay's name.

Ok...back to the issue at hand:

These egotistical owners will pull no stops to have their dogs win in order to feed their insatiable, disgusting appetite for self importance and money. They rigorously train their 'dogs' to compete by changing their diet and consuming the dog with physical activity. And let's not forget the people that go and watch these fights. Sick bastards screaming, "let 'em go!" and getting enjoyment as the 'dogs' rip each other apart while screaming, "Finish him, Bo." The 'dogs' come back tired and wounded and put out to pasture if they loose. Just sad. They really should ban football!!!!...ha ha. Seriously, considering the numerous similarities between dog fighting and football (and boxing), the NFL, Arthur Blank and anyone else prosecuting Vick, would be hypocritical to morally condemn him. All are blood sports.

In conclusion, Vick keep your head up! They are out to get you bruh. Get focused and get your mind on the game. Come out blazing for the Falcons (hope the sorry-ass receivers can catch the ball this year). They will all be right back on your jock strap in no time as long as you win games (Super we come). I hope all the people that are so quick to prosecute him are also vegetarians (especially the judge in the case).

Vick, considering how much money you have, if it's that much of a fetish for you, set up a dog training camp and fighting arena in Mexico where you can fight all the chickens, dogs and cats you want.


plez... said...

although, both dogfighting and football are brutal, there is one glaring difference between the two: one is legal and one is not!

if you recall, this whole mess began when one of Vick's ne're-do-well cousins was caught with some illegal drugs and then the po-po issued a search warrant for the house which contained the now infamous "Bad Newz Kennels"! you can't fault law enforcement for doing their job...

this isn't a witchhunt or needless persecution, this is just the case of another RICH brother who could not jettison the weight of his substantial baggage when he hit it big.

i really hope Vick beats this thing, it would be unfortunate to lose everything because of a knucklehead relative!

pd said...

Marijuana is illegal while alcohol isn't.

I'm getting sidetracked. My problem is not with the legality of the issue. My problem is with the media, fans, politicians persecution fueled by the fact that they think the crime is highly immoral. These same people will probably be watching the Hopkins vs Winky fight hoping one of the guys beats the other one to a pulp.

pd said...

Plez....They arrested his dumb-ass cousin for selling weed outside of a club (what a big time drug dealer). He was in possession of three ounces of marijuana. Now what judge in their right mind grants a search warrant for the listed residence in a futile arrest case?????

You say it's not a witch hunt????