Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brian Nichols to use mental illness defense

Today, the AJC reported the attorneys for Brian Nichols (Nat Turner Reincarnated), Accused courthouse shooter, was delusional (click here).

For those of you who don’t remember the story, here it goes:

Brian Nichols, a computer engineer earning 6 figures working for UPS at the time, was originally accused of rape and false imprisonment by his ex-girlfriend. She was his ex because they broke up after she cheated on him with the preacher that was giving them relationship counseling at their church.

This is what his cell-mate said who was living w/ him for 2 months, “Nichols was furious he couldn’t post bail, he felt betrayed by his former girlfriend, and he was convinced a preacher who had been counseling the couple caused their breakup, then started dating the woman, Johnson said. But several weeks into his stay, Johnson said he noticed that Nichols` anger was beginning to get the best of him. As he sat in his jail cell waiting for his first trial to begin, Nichols` frustration and anger mounted. The angrier Nichols got, the more he paced his cell or exercised. When he talked about his ex-girlfriend, Nichols told his cell-mate, "I should have done something to her for real," Johnson said. "He thought his world was over with," said Johnson, who says he confronted Nichols about his anger.

Atlanta Journal and Const.: That relationship with the minister clearly upset Nichols, the transcripts show. In recounting a conversation he had with the minister, Nichols told jurors: "I told him that I felt as though he was a false prophet, a false teacher."

This cheating woman framed him! He pistol whipped the reporter he carjacked after leaving the courthouse (it's not right but I understand). Atlanta journal constitution, “one of his white carjacking and assault victims, AJC reporter Don O’Briant, called him a racial epithet.”

This man was facing life in prison (with a baby on the way whom he wanted to be a father to) because of false accusations made by his cheating ex-girlfriend. That’s enough to drive any man insane.

Brian Nichols said he was a soldier. “In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the official said, "Nichols said he was angry that many of the inmates around him were also black and he wondered how many were innocent. He called it systematic slavery," the law enforcement official said.

His anger was focused more on the legal system than race. And the main target was Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes, who was preparing to resume hearing Nichols` rape trial.” We all know how his rage against the system ended.

The shootings and escape

After female sheriff's deputy, 5'2" Cynthia Hall, removed his handcuffs so that he could change into civilian clothes (to appear in court), Nichols attacked the deputy and took her sidearm. Nichols then crossed over to the old courthouse via a skybridge, where he entered the private chambers of Judge Rowland W. Barnes. While there he encountered another deputy, overpowered him and also took his weapon. Nichols then entered Barnes' courtroom from a door behind the judge's bench, where Barnes was presiding over motions in a civil trial, and shot him in the back of the head. Nichols then shot the court reporter, shot a pursuing deputy outside the courtroom, and then fled the building.

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Robyn said...

I dont know P. He sounds kinda crazy to me. But nevertheless hearing men admit that women can drive them crazy is strangely poetic.

One question though, why the hell was a 5'2" woman guarding any man??

pd said...

"I dont know P. He sounds kinda crazy to me."

So counsel, you agree. He should be able to use the mental illness defense? Correct.

He had the balls to buck the system. It didn't end pretty, but what revolution does?

pd said...

"One question though, why the hell was a 5'2" woman guarding any man??"

Robyn, not only was she 5'2", she was also 51 years old. What a joke.

Robyn said...

From what I remember from law school, now that I think about it, this dude may not be able to use the insanity defense. The evidence of his downward spiral mentally while in custody may be evidence of premeditation, which is the antithesis of the insanity defense. Insanity presupposes immediate non-calculated actions (which arguably you could not control). This may not be what this man can argue under the circumstances.

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