Friday, October 12, 2007

Tyler Perry - Why Did I Get Married?

Tyler Perry's new movie, "Why Did I get Married?" came out last night at midnight and I decided to support Atlanta resident Tyler Perry. I was surprised the theater (Atlantic Station) was damn near empty. The BET Hip Hop Awards is going on all this weekend so babe suspected that people were probably caught up in that. Perry is doing his thing. He wrote, produced, starred AND directed the movie. I ain't mad at ya bruh. I was happy to see Tyler play a stand up married man considering I'm used to seeing his "suspect" ass in drag. The plot was pretty good and the acting was ok (Janet was not too convincing). Jill Scott was pretty good. There's something special about her voice and the way she talks that just gets to me. When she speaks, it's poetry. The message I took away from the movie was the 80/20 rule. Basically, in marriage, your spouse has 80% of what you need ... oh.. if he/she could just be the other 20% then things would be PERFECT. But as time goes on, instead of appreciating the 80%, you start complaining and wishing you had the 20%. Then Mr. or Ms. 20% comes along.. and you think.. yeah this is what I need.. and you foolishly let go of the "80%" to grasp the "20%".

We all experience challenges in our relationships. But when we start to believe that there is something out there better than what we have, that is the day the affair starts and we loose track of our priorities. We need to be committed in building up our partners in the areas that they are lacking instead of looking for it somewhere else. I truly believe if two people are REALLY committed to each, have faith in each other and willing to do whatever to make each other happy, they can make it work.

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's a "Thug's Life"

Ok.....Babe has been wanting a dog FOREVER. I was not too excited about it because the dog she wanted was not the cutest, super expensive and I was not looking forward to the added expense of vet bills and dog food. We finally decided to get one after she found one from a breeder for a somewhat "reasonable" price (due to the fact that he was 6 months). He's a French Bulldog. She let me name him and pick out his collar and leash. I named him 2Pac (but he goes by Pac for short) and I picked out a thugged out studded collar and leather leash. I've actually grown quite fond of him and his looks have grown on me (he's actually a good looking dog with a strong stance). Welcome to the fam. Pac!