Monday, October 1, 2007

It's a "Thug's Life"

Ok.....Babe has been wanting a dog FOREVER. I was not too excited about it because the dog she wanted was not the cutest, super expensive and I was not looking forward to the added expense of vet bills and dog food. We finally decided to get one after she found one from a breeder for a somewhat "reasonable" price (due to the fact that he was 6 months). He's a French Bulldog. She let me name him and pick out his collar and leash. I named him 2Pac (but he goes by Pac for short) and I picked out a thugged out studded collar and leather leash. I've actually grown quite fond of him and his looks have grown on me (he's actually a good looking dog with a strong stance). Welcome to the fam. Pac!


Robyn said...

Ima be checkin you out Paul.

pd said...

cool cool...I only update about once a week.