Saturday, December 22, 2007

Uncle Sam Wants You!

"A soulja buddy, I was born on the base
Uncle Sam want who?, Get the fuck up out my face
The case is closed
I can't be treated like a ho
No push-ups, no sit-ups, I tell ya hell no
I been in the army 22 years to today
I rock my fatigues, I rock my muthafucking yay
I sweep on the bump and let it rid e on y'all punks
The streets my army and I been ready off the jump
Muthafuckers, I'ma soulja"
-Pastor Troy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

As Bob Marley so eloquently stated, "there is so much trouble in the world." A lot of musicians produce great works of art when there is great pain in their life (2Pac - The Greatest).
Lupe, "I'm in a dark, melancholy mood. I'm not a happy camper right now."
Among several loved ones dying this year, Lupe Fiasco's friend, mentor and business partner (who owns the record label 1st & 15th with him) was sentenced to 44 years behind bars after being convicted of drug charges.

Hence, the inspiration for... "The Cool."

"...the basic idea revolves around three previously mentioned characters-- what Lupe calls his "three evil angels"-- depicted in symbol form on the record's cryptogram cover. The first character, the Cool, is a zombie hustler of sorts based on the Food & Liquor song of the same name (click here to listen).

"I expand on the story," Lupe explained. "I introduce two other characters, the Game and the Streets. The Streets is a female. She's like the action personification of the streets, the street life, the call of the streets. The Game is the same way. The Game is the personification of the game. The pimp's game, the hustler's game, the con man's game, whatever."

He continued: "Then they've got supernatural characteristics. Like the Cool, his right hand is rotted away. The only thing that rotted away was his right hand. It represents the rotting away of his righteousness, of his good. And the Streets and the Cool kind of have a love affair going on. So she's represented by this locket. And the locket has a key and it's on fire. And as a gift to the Cool on his rise to fame, she gave him the key. And the key represents the key to the Streets. So she wears a locket around her neck at all times.

"And the way the story goes, she has given that key to tons of people throughout time. Al Capone, Alexander the Great, whatever. She's giving them the key to the Streets. Fame and fortune-- but also the prices.

"The Game, he's represented by a stripped-down skull, a skull with dice in his eyes and smoke coming out of his mouth. The billowing smoke is actually crack smoke."

"It's not a full concept album; it's more spread over like five [tracks], really abstractly."

"On this album, I wanted to talk about five or six things directly," Lupe explained. "I wanted to talk about the environment-- which I didn't really get a chance to do--immigration, rape, drug abuse, and health.

"[Part of] the inspiration for The Cool actually was Cornel West. The guy was like, 'If you really want to effect social change in the world, you have to make those things which are uncool, cool. You have to, in essence, make it hip to be square.' And it's more about how you deliver those things, how you package those things for people to digest them."
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike Vick Sentenced to 23 Months for Dogfighting

What a bunch of bullshit! First, I want to preface everything by saying I'm a dog lover. Pac has been my homie ever since he came into our life. If anything happened to him, I don't know what I would do. He's the perfect dog. He's loyal, obedient, playful, too smart for his own good, charismatic and good looking. He's treated like he's our child. We feed him only organic dog food and snacks and give him filtered water to drink (btw....just purchased this and I luuuuv it (click here - Can I get some advertisement sponsorship?....went through 5 gal. between me, babe and pac in a week!). And most of all, we give him love. Having said that, I think it's a dirty game and it sickens me that Mike Vick is serving a mandatory 19.5 months in slavery for dogfighting. I'll be the first to say I'm not a fan of pit bulls although physically I think they are stunning (especially the "blue" ones). This is what the owners say about their breed,
"THE GOLDEN RULE OF PIT BULL OWNERSHIP - NEVER TRUST YOUR PIT BULL NOT TO FIGHT! This breed is descended from pit dogs one way or another, and, given the right circumstances, most Pit Bulls will fight and against any other breed. The breeding of dogs with bad temperaments is one of the largest problems the breed faces today and fuels the fire of breed specific legislation. A dog that was previously non-dog aggressive may "turn-on" and suddenly doesn't like other dogs of the same sex, or, for that matter, any dogs at all, even house mates they have been raised with. Adult Pit Bulls should NEVER be left alone with other dogs and require proper supervision. Pit Bulls may exhibit intense "prey drive", leading them to "stalk" small animals such as cats, rats, chickens, livestock, or other pets."
There is no coincidence that dog fighters choose pit bulls to fight. These same dogs have dominated the news from mauling human beings. They've killed numerous children (click here). They are outlawed in many cities (click here). My point is, Vick let these dogs do what they do naturally. Yea, killing a dog because it's not a good fighter is absolutely wrong and some legal consequence is justified (even though hunters can kill deer for the "sport" of it). Sending Mike for 2 years to federal prison is BULLSHIT! I don't even want to start on PETA (click here). This hugely contributing member of society is caged when Mary Winkler is free. For those that don't know, this mother murdered her well loved Church Pastor husband in cold blood, shooting him in the back with a shot gun while he was sleeping because he was critical of her (keep in mind she was convicted of money scams). She said,
"He criticized her hair and wanted her to watch porn and have "unnatural" sex afterwards, and she just wanted him not to be mean. She didn't pull the trigger but something suddenly went off - boom - and he was dead"
... and fled with their children, pleaded not guilty and served a whopping 67 days and was released? Something is seriously wrong with our judicial system. Vick is in prison while Dubya is walking around free facing no cases for his illegal war which has resulted in thousands of people dead??? Come on now. The crime simply does not justify the punishment.

UPDATE: Just read this sickening news today; Snitch Co-Defendent who faced the SAME
charges as Vick gets 2 months.....yes 2 months (click here).
"He was the most significant source of information in this case," Gill (Prosecutor) told U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson. "He did not hesitate in any way." Gill said it would have taken the government significantly longer to build a case against Vick and his three co-defendants had it not been for Taylor."

Monday, December 3, 2007

"The Coolest": A Match Made in Heavan

Babe mad at me right now. She surprised me with the things she said last night. I was speechless. I'm not going to get into details but she knows, "I love her with all my heart...every vein..every vessel...." And I'm thinking, "Is it really that serious?" But obviously it is. And even though she ain't really feelin' me right now, I know she loves me. I know she still my ride or die chick. Babe if you check this post out, I think about you when I listen to the first verse of this song and even though you're mad at me, which you know you can't be for long, I still love ya: