Monday, December 3, 2007

"The Coolest": A Match Made in Heavan

Babe mad at me right now. She surprised me with the things she said last night. I was speechless. I'm not going to get into details but she knows, "I love her with all my heart...every vein..every vessel...." And I'm thinking, "Is it really that serious?" But obviously it is. And even though she ain't really feelin' me right now, I know she loves me. I know she still my ride or die chick. Babe if you check this post out, I think about you when I listen to the first verse of this song and even though you're mad at me, which you know you can't be for long, I still love ya:


RJESQ said...

How sweet. Props to you for reaching out. There is no place for ego in a relationship.

RJESQ said...

Oh, and dont rest too much on that "you cant be mad at me for long" stuff. If you did something wrong, fix it!

blac.sapphic said...

^^^I hear that!!!
...hope you fixed it too.

Sweet attempt though. Shit I'd pay to get a 'surprised and speechless' ...I'm relegated to 'I don't give a fuck and I'm going to play on the 360', lol.