Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bush in Africa

Is punk ass Bush trying to pick another war before he leaves?
Bush said this today in Rwanda speaking on Sudan, “...But, having done that, if you’re a problem solver, you put yourself at the mercy of the decisions of others, in this case the United Nations. And I’m well known to have spoken out [with bombs over Baghdad] by the slowness of the United Nations. It is — seems very bureaucratic to me, particularly with people suffering.” (I've heard that one before).
So this is is attempt for peace?? Looks to me like he's bribing countries with cash and free military training to create even more instability in Darfur (which happens to be rich in oil)
...he is freeing up $100 million from his foreign aid budget to assist African countries willing to send troops to Darfur.

Rwanda, the first nation to send troops to Darfur, will get $12 million. It will be used to train an additional 2,400 troops, over and above the 7,000 Rwandan troops the United States has already trained.

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