Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dumb it down

I didn't' have a TV in my room until I went to college (and it wasn't because of finances). I rarely watch TV today. I have better things to do and most of the programs simply don't interest me (unless it's Wife Swap, The First 48, Overhaulin', Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, American Muscle Car, Local News, videos & an occasional sports game....dang...ok maybe i do watch too much tv). My son will NOT have a TV in his room.

I read this in Playboy:
Children under the age of six spend an average of two hours a day viewing videos and television, while they spend only 39 minutes a day reading or being read to by their parents.


Update (This is a repost): The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates that children 2 years old and younger NOT watch television, saying television can negatively affect their brain development at the time when learning to talk and play is so important. A baby is born with 100 billion brain cells, and this number increases exponentially as the brain begins to develop. ..Turn the TV off.... Pick up a book....Read to your matter how young they are

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