Friday, March 21, 2008

Minister Farrakhan Speaks On Obama

"...What are you trying to do to our brother? Why do you hate him so?...We are witnessing the phenomenal rise of a man of color in a country that has persecuted us because of our color, yet this young man is capturing audiences of black & brown & red & yellow & Native American, Asian.. If you look at Barack Obama's audiences and look at the affect of his words....those people are being transformed from what there were. ....His language is raising them above their racial, ethnic, cultural, religious differences and he is welding people into a bond that has never been seen before!....

You may not agree with him...then stand on the sideline and watch.....a lot of impediments have been thrown in his path....He seems to get around them...
What's going on? Who is this young man? How did they receive him in Africa? Do you think they would trust him in Africa as a president of the United States that he might help to reshape America's foreign policy toward Africa? How would they see him in the Middle East? How would they see him in Central and South America? How would they see him in Asia? Whether you are broad enough to open your eyes, this young man is the HOPE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD that America will change and be made better because a better man may become her leader."


RJEsq said...

Farakhan and Obama are the truth.
I wish Farakhan got fair press.

P, have you heard about the company sellin Obama gear?

Its based in ATL. I'm leery about buying stuff online but I just might have to make some purchases!

Get something for the baby.

paul said...

Esquire...I don't know anything about that company but I do know my girl wants one of those barack the vote tees...I got my yard sign from Barack's official site ( and anything else I get (for Aiden) will be from his site. I like buying from there because the money will DEFINITELY go towards funding his campaign and not someone's pockets.

Anonymous said...

That's true P. But Barack's site is sold out until the end of time b/c the demand is so high. Keepin it real my current Obama shirt came from a brotha slanging em outside of the Color Purple performance here in LA.


paul said...

Esquire, you're dead wrong for havin' the bootleg Obama shirt and I hope you get clowned for wearing it..ha ha

U can wait a month or two..good things come to those who you'll be rockin' the authentic...patience is a virtue.