Thursday, March 27, 2008

TI, in his tailored suit says, "your honor...NOT was Tip"

Yea I know a lot of people are happy and Tip is loving the fact he could pay for "justice." T.I.P copped a plea and according to the agreement will serve 1 year behind bars w/ a possibility of getting 15% time off for good behavior. But let's scratch the surface and look a little deeper. Justice really hasn't been served. This brotha (from the A) shouldn't be facing any time or house arrest to begin with. This man's constitutional right to bear arms was taken away and hence he's about to be a legal slave. Why? Because he's been labeled a felon until the day he dies because he was caught with a small amount of drugs when he was the ripe age of 17. Come on now...why was he charged as an adult? That's not justice. Not only should he not have been a felon in the first place, I believe this case was entrapment. This young, Black man gettin' money legit was targeted. Come on're spending all that money, time & effort settin' up Tip when mock bombs are getting past airport security with ease ....that's not justice...but whateva...If he was the average brotha from Decatur, the judge would have given my boy a 100 in a way...yea i'm happy he copped a sweet plea he's lookin' at all the haters in his rear view.

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