Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Luckie Food Lounge

Sunday, babe's married friends came over to give us a visit.....I took them to Luckie Food Lounge, which is the least I could do considering her friend Kim did the magnificent baby shower invitations....She's soooo talented. This was my first time going to the much hyped Luckie Lounge. I was unimpressed (even though the fish tank was niiice). The waiter was not the best, my salmon was kinda dry, baked potato didn't taste right and the food took forever (we were the only people in there???). I told babe maybe this is a hamburger and fries kind of place....I'll get that next time. The place turns into a club at night, and supposedly it's on point. Even my Dad had a bus. dinner there and was talking about how wonderful it was (but I think that was because of the eye candy...ha ha).

Ok the pic below everybody was laughing because of how many pics I take....whatever...George was saying, "I didn't even get a chance to pose???"

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