Saturday, April 5, 2008

US Government Protectionist Racket

"The war profiteering, the immorality, the illegality of this disastrous free market utopian enterprise out there is certainly well documented. What does privatization mean? The very core things that you think make up a government like wars, interrogations, border patrols, jailing...are now being turned into for profit enterprises...we've outsourced everything to interrogation which means torture is a cost + enterprise. I think you can see the complete spiritual bankruptcy of this whole neo-con movement. It's a nightmare beyond anything you can imagine. The gigs up. If guys who are Statesmen, are also sitting on the boards and are shareholders of the most profitable defense contractors in the world, publicly make the case to go to war. They go to war and they create a new market with their war. They bar their competitor from the aftermath and they come back and speak evangelically about free markets that aren't even free when it's a vast protectionist racket...their stock prices jump 145% or their companies are awarded $2.3 Billion contracts. After a while you have to expose,shame,indict and hopefully convict the participants in this illegal, immoral ideology...I'm not ready to give up the Constitution of the United States to this bunch of hoodlums." - John Cusack

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