Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crooked Government Savagely Murders 9,350 God Creations

Cherokee makes biggest herb bust in county history. A tip led the Georgia county to 9,350 marijuana plants in the deep woods. No suspects have been arrested (thank Goodness). An atrocity against nature was committed when 30 agents from the narcotics squad, the Cherokee County SWAT team, K-9 Unit and the Department of Defense Drug Task Force decided to go in and rip the plants from Mother Earth. The plants were six to 12 inches high as reported by the AJC (click here for story).

PEEP KNOWLEDGE from the legendary Bob Marley:

"Herb is a plant...herb so good for erry'ting....Herb is the healing of the nation....The whole world confuse you and you're worried... you don't have no time to think...herb is the thing that gives you a little time for you can live.....alcohol make ya drunk....herb is more a consciousness. When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

Aiden's Mom and I want to the Atl Caribbean Carnial on Sweet Auburn Avenue today. Good times, good food, good drinks, good music, & good people.

Ok this is my man right here. His mother kept knockin' his hustle and he was steady tellin' her, "I got this." No corn was done and I asked how long it would be and he replied, "I don't know (while making the face you see below)"...ha ha...Gotta respect his honesty....I like bullshit at all coming from his mouth....I had corn on cob fresh from the grill (on point). My man kept loading the most delicious jerk chicken on my plate until I told him to stop. You know I had to give him some extra bills to keep in his pocket.

"Please excuse me, while I light my spliff."
Ok I broke my pictures down to categories.


A Hot Mess!



Check out my boy giving the deuces:



check out my girl in the background
"wah wit dat screw face yah hab?"

This was my bartender:


Check out my man's tat.
Decatur representin' (the city that raised me).
DSGB (Down South Gawga Boy)




The Rest...

Too cool...My boy was too fresh....check out the sneaks...

Is that Omar Little???