Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Black Mommas.....stop emasculating your Black sons

Raise your sons to be warriors not bitches.....Stop trying to fight every battle for your son....there comes a time when he must fight his own battles....I know...i's only natural for mothers to be like that...this is why yin yang is sooo crucial....the Father needs to be present and activity involved to balance things out.

What's interesting is I just read in the AJC an article about some mom jacking up her son's bus stop bully (u actually think that's going to help?...put his ass in a Karate class that teaches him self defense)....she ended up catching an assault case (no charges should have been made here)

Lebron tells his mom, "sit yo ass down!" as she tries to pull Garnett off of him (disclaimer: I don't condone any disrespect of mothers):


RJEsq said...

I feel you and LeBron, but
"sit yo ASS down" was a bit much, IMO. "Mom, sit down!" would have been good enough. That aint the type of house I was raised in. My mom would have slapped the shit out of me. Right on that court.

paul said...

You're right Robyn. My Momma would not have slapped me because I would not have had to say that. She knows I can hold my own.

I'll give Lebron a pass. There is no telling how obnoxious his mother is. Momma Lebron, after getting a DUI in 2006 had to be sprayed with mace to get her ass to calm down after she was arrested.

RJEsq said...

Damn P. I didnt know all that. I started to make a cmmment that even in the video, with her back turned to the camera, Moms seemed a little ghetto. But I thought that that may have been my boogie-ness coming out. :-)

paul said...

ha ha...u funny Robyn...u don't strike me as the boogie type (that's a compliment)...i guess everyone has their moments...boogie or not, i have no doubt u can get hood if the situation called for it...ha ha