Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Cousin Frederick Douglass

My cuz, Nettie Washington Douglass, who is the great-great-granddaughter of abolitionist and orator Frederick Douglass and the great-granddaughter of educator and author Booker T. Washington is featured in the AJC today (click here).

Can you see where I get the distinctive Douglass nose from?
My son should be honored to have it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2008 BET Awards Show Photos

Big ups to the performers of the BET Awards show...
They did their thing....

Even though Ke-Ke is beautiful,
her personality is what makes her super attractive.
She's a down ass chick

Nia Bad has been one of my favorites since I was a youngin.
Her walking on stage was a performance out of this world.

Bow Wow, what were u thinking? You had a good one bruh.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Boy's Room

Aiden's Mom AKA (literally) Aja, gets all the credit for this. She came up with the vision, got all the supplies and gave me EXPLICIT instructions (of course some of them went in one ear and out the other...ha ha). I did the painting (considering she's preggo), which killed her. She put a little faith in her man, and I made her vision a reality. Your boy got skillz! Next job is putting the furniture together (and I LOVE putting things together).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dopest Baby Shower Ever!

Ok. I must admit. Initially I wanted NO part of the baby shower. I considered it a woman's thing that men didn't have to suffer due to technicalities. Making me go was like an attack on my manhood. A blurring of the genders. That's wack. We should celebrate and embrace our differences. Not attempt to merge them. Men and woman are different. Yin and Yang is needed for balance. And that's a beautiful thing. Baby showers are for woman....I'm good.

Well these new-age woman now make men go to these. Aiden's Mom bribed me by saying they were serving apple martinis and I could be the photographer. I love taking pics. Well there is nothing in the world like a mad pregnant woman. So ok...I'll go.

I really was going when my homies Rodney and Geno said they were coming. Glad I went. It wasn't your lame typical shower with a bunch of crazy baby games. It was a party. As Buck would say, "That baby shower was more like a mixer." We had an all-the-way live party. The baby shower was at Aiden's Mom's Mom's house. Over 50 people came and celebrated. I took around 700 pics. They don't call me paparazzi for are a few:

Before Drinks: nice and civil
After Drinks: buckwild and obnoxious
(accept for Aiden's Mom...she doesn't have to drink to be obnoxious)

My brother got these J's for Aiden and
they came out the day of the baby shower.
Fresh to def.

"She said she want a hood nicca"

My Momma crazy...where do you think I get it from?

These are my homies:
Rodney (aka Buck), Gene (aka Geno), Dad (aka GrandPaul)

"I'm a prince but Dad is the King"

Best cake I've EVER tasted (seriously)

My "big" sis and I

She's named Jewell for a reason.
Howard /Harvard grad and future US President.
Keep your eyes on her. She's doing big thangs.

Big ups to the bartender (white pants).
mother & daughter
Stop gossiping...dang.
Don't stop...get it..get it!!Look at the hand reaching...
Geno, "whatever...these are MINE!" ha ha

New Parents
yea Aiden's Mom gave me this shirt &
said I had to wear it since she's wearing green...

The Real American Gangsters: Blood for Oil

Something really sickens me whenever I see "no-bid" contracts. It's usually the manifestation of a protectionist racket.

A consortium of Western oil companies — the very definition of Big Oil — is on the verge of receiving no-bid contracts in Iraq, giving them access to one of the most sought-after prizes in the petroleum industry. Can it be mere coincidence that the leading companies in the deal — ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Total — are the very same companies that Saddam Hussein threw out when he nationalized the Iraqi oil industry more than three decades ago?

The American public has been reassured, repeatedly, that petroleum had absolutely nothing to do with the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq. President Bush, the oilman from Texas, has scoffed at the idea.

Yet despite the vociferous denials, the four original partners of the Iraq Petroleum Co. (a misnomer, since all the companies are multinationals based in the U.S. or Western Europe - just like the Federal Reserve is a misnomer - not Federal but actually a private corrupt bussiness) are about to receive contracts that allow them to service the fields (one step closer to owning the oil) in the country with the world's second-largest proven oil reserves.

"It's been a long road, but the oil companies seem set to get much of what they have been seeking," said James Paul, executive director of the Global Policy Forum. "The Iraqi public is overwhelmingly opposed to this privatization of Iraqi oil, just like they are overwhelmingly opposed to the so-called security pact with the U.S." Not that the opinions of Iraqis matter to everybody.

To protect those oil fields, the U.S. would have to station troops in Iraq indefinitely. That may explain why Bush has been so determined to work out a deal for more or less permanent military bases before he leaves office.

The war in Iraq has already lasted longer than U.S. involvement in World War II, and the projected cost is around a trillion of your hard earned tax dollars...yes yours. That doesn't count the human toll — more than 4,000 U.S. troops dead and tens of thousands maimed and shattered, physically or mentally. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead and millions displaced.

The time is now for us to hold our morally bankrupt government ACCOUNTABLE!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

Dopest baby shower EVER....had a blast. Party started at 2 and I didn't leave until 9 (and the party was STILL going strong). Will post the pics soon. Aiden's Mom and I are really blessed to have lots of friends and family that came and celebrated the future arrival of our son and showered us with gifts (even the big stuff like his his furniture, stroller, & car seat). It took two SUVs packed to get everything home. We REALLY appreciate EVERYTHING! As you all know, "It takes a village to raise a child."

Peep baby boy's closet:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Huge Moon - Just Snapped These Pics

As the full moon rises this Wednesday evening, June 18, many people will be hoodwinked into thinking it's unusually large. Ignorant minds will swear the moon is bigger, but the trained mind, like mine, knows it's a mere illusion. A trick in your minds that makes the moon seem bigger when it's near the horizon. Tonight, this illusion will be particularly noticeable at this "solstice moon," coming just two days before summer starts in the Northern Hemisphere.

It's all in your head. The moon is not bigger at the horizon than when overhead.

Here's how it works: Your mind believes things on the horizon are farther away than things overhead, because you are used to seeing clouds just a few miles above, but the clouds on the horizon can indeed be hundreds of miles away. So if we think something (such as the moon) is farther away, and it's not, then it seems larger.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Green Light

Ok....this song is sick....Aiden's Mom put me on to it.
my man 3stax went off with his freestyle....
he's an alien.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pour Out A Lil' Liquor

Pac, the great,
lutionary leader & prophet,
was born on this day.

Happy birthday homie!
Rest in peace.

The good die young.

Can't close my eyes cause all I see is terror
I hate the man in the mirror
Cause his reflection makes the pain turn realer
Times of Armageddeon, murder in mass amounts
In this society where only gettin the cash counts
I started out as a beginner
Entered the criminal lifestyle became a sinner
I make my money and vacate, evade prison
Went from the chosen one to outcast, unforgiven
And all the Hennessy and weed can't hide,
the pain I feel inside

You know, it's like I'm livin just to die
I fall on my knees and beg for mercy,
not knowin if I'm worthy
Livin life thinkin no man can hurt me
So I'm askin - before I lay me down to sleep
Before you judge me, look at all the shit you did to me,
my misery

I rose up from the slums,
made it out the flames
In my search for fame will I change?
I'm askin...

Who do you believe in?
I put my faith in God, blessed and still breathin
And even though it's hard, that's who I believe in
Before I'm leavin, I'm askin the grievin - who do you believe in?

genius is misunderstood

Last pic snapped minutes before he was assassinated.
The eyes never lie....