Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dopest Baby Shower Ever!

Ok. I must admit. Initially I wanted NO part of the baby shower. I considered it a woman's thing that men didn't have to suffer due to technicalities. Making me go was like an attack on my manhood. A blurring of the genders. That's wack. We should celebrate and embrace our differences. Not attempt to merge them. Men and woman are different. Yin and Yang is needed for balance. And that's a beautiful thing. Baby showers are for woman....I'm good.

Well these new-age woman now make men go to these. Aiden's Mom bribed me by saying they were serving apple martinis and I could be the photographer. I love taking pics. Well there is nothing in the world like a mad pregnant woman. So ok...I'll go.

I really was going when my homies Rodney and Geno said they were coming. Glad I went. It wasn't your lame typical shower with a bunch of crazy baby games. It was a party. As Buck would say, "That baby shower was more like a mixer." We had an all-the-way live party. The baby shower was at Aiden's Mom's Mom's house. Over 50 people came and celebrated. I took around 700 pics. They don't call me paparazzi for are a few:

Before Drinks: nice and civil
After Drinks: buckwild and obnoxious
(accept for Aiden's Mom...she doesn't have to drink to be obnoxious)

My brother got these J's for Aiden and
they came out the day of the baby shower.
Fresh to def.

"She said she want a hood nicca"

My Momma crazy...where do you think I get it from?

These are my homies:
Rodney (aka Buck), Gene (aka Geno), Dad (aka GrandPaul)

"I'm a prince but Dad is the King"

Best cake I've EVER tasted (seriously)

My "big" sis and I

She's named Jewell for a reason.
Howard /Harvard grad and future US President.
Keep your eyes on her. She's doing big thangs.

Big ups to the bartender (white pants).
mother & daughter
Stop gossiping...dang.
Don't stop...get it..get it!!Look at the hand reaching...
Geno, "whatever...these are MINE!" ha ha

New Parents
yea Aiden's Mom gave me this shirt &
said I had to wear it since she's wearing green...

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RJEsq said...

Great pics Paul! Keep em comin.