Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

Dopest baby shower EVER....had a blast. Party started at 2 and I didn't leave until 9 (and the party was STILL going strong). Will post the pics soon. Aiden's Mom and I are really blessed to have lots of friends and family that came and celebrated the future arrival of our son and showered us with gifts (even the big stuff like his his furniture, stroller, & car seat). It took two SUVs packed to get everything home. We REALLY appreciate EVERYTHING! As you all know, "It takes a village to raise a child."

Peep baby boy's closet:


Big Wayne said...

Congrats Paul,

Looks like you got a lot of support. I Hope they don't disappear when you and Aiden's mom want a night out on the town!

Big Wayne

King P said...

Appreciate that Big Weezy!

My sister has permanent baby sitter duties....she already knows...ha ha.

RJEsq said...

I'll check back for pictures.