Thursday, July 24, 2008

Deputies Plotted to Kill Nichols

"Nichols sa
id he was angry that many of the inmates around him were also BLACK and he wondered how many were innocent. He called it systematic slavery."

In case you have not followed the Brian Nichols case (read my previous post).

Apparently, Nichols' vendetta against the system is rubbing off:

Fulton County sheriff's deputies plotted to kill Brian Nichols while he was in the Fulton County jail, his attorneys said in a court filing Wednesday.

"Deputies charged with Mr. Nichols' protection and safekeeping were in fact scheming and/or devising scenarios to enable them to justify killing him," defense lawyers alleged in court papers. "Not only were these deputies attempting to bait Mr. Nichols so they could use lethal force against him, these deputies were doing so in a manner that placed the lives of other deputies at grave risk."

According to the court filing, District Attorney Paul Howard told defense lawyers that Nichols was moved to DeKalb "to protect him from the danger of others within the jail who might harm him."

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