Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grady Hospital

Grady hospital was started in 1892 by the editor of the AJC who worried about the lack of quality health care for Atlanta's poor. Grady is one of the largest public hospitals in the US and the only level one trauma center within a 100-mile radius (and #1 in the world). They actually train the military on how to treat gun shot wounds considering how many they receive. Sad but true.

I would think the federal, state and local governments would do everything they could to fund and keep Grady's doors open considering who the hospital serves. In Iraq, we build hospitals and take care of Iraqis for free, but when it comes to our own, the gov't turns a cold shoulder. The gov't is increasingly giving less and less money to Grady and the patients, who are uninsured, don't pay, so it's simple mathematics why Grady is in the red and struggling to stay open.

The government's solution to get Grady through its darkest financial hours was to privatize the management and give the CEO, Pam Stephenson, a two year $1.2 million contract to mismanage Grady. The hospital's finance chief projected that the struggling facility will run a deficit of $20 million to $43 million this year. Stephenson has never been chief executive of any size hospital (I couldn't make this bullshit up if I wanted to).

Stephenson's contract was sealed shortly before the Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority was to hand over control of the hospital to a new nonprofit corporation. On Monday, the corporation announced four finalists for the CEO position, and Stephenson was not among them. The contract is undated, and it is unclear when it was signed. Some members of the old board said they were unaware the contract existed. In addition to serving as interim CEO, Stephenson is chairwoman of the of the hospital Authority, which awarded her the contract (If that's not a conflict of interest, I don't know what is), AND she is vice chairwoman of the new Grady Memorial Hospital Corp.

But hold gets better:

Money troubles have plagued Stephenson's personal and campaign affairs for years, public records show. Creditors have taken Stephenson to court repeatedly over debts in recent years, court records show. Since 2003, Stephenson has also racked up 30 fines for failing to file campaign finance reports on time in connection with her other job as a state legislator.

It still gets better...

Stephenson said past overdue bills do not reflect on her ability to steer Grady. In some cases, she said she gave relatives credit cards in her name and was unaware of outstanding balances. Peep this....this woman has a second job of robbing the taxpayers of Decatur to. As a state legislator from Decatur, she had the second-worst record for missing votes in this year's session, according to an analysis by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Get the F outta here with that bullshit
. It's time we hold our corrupt, immoral gov't accountable. I'm calling for her to be fired effective immediately!!!!

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