Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mogul Communicator

Check out my man Jigga's phone below (Blackberry Curve)....I went from a Nextel i860 (needed the direct connect) to a Crackberry Curve about a month ago. Previously, I refused to upgrade and vowed to use my phone only for talking. The Nextel salesperson persuaded me otherwise. I don't know how I survived B.B. (before blackberry). The features I love are:
  • Navigation (when appts. pop up in my BB, I just click "Drive To" and she flawlessly navigates me there and adjust the route depending on traffic and even gives me an acurate ETA)
  • Sprint TV (when I'm waiting at a baby checkup, I can watch live CNN and FoxSports and the picture is excellent)
  • Email (with the legendary Blackberry email prowess, I can respond to time sensitive emails instantly)
  • Internet Browser (every morning when I'm ruling from my porcelain throne I read the AJC main headline stories).


MissMann said...

It didn't take much persuasion from the sprint people!!! LOL...

pd said...

yea yea...ok...ok....When it comes to electronics I'm a salesperson's dream. I guess i can't make fun of you anymore being addicted to your phone.

MissMann said...

Yes you are and no you can't!!!!! I still love you though :)