Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China aim to end the American dream and conquer the world

Xiang Liu
(the most famous athlete in China)


Terrence Trammell
(from Decata where it's Greata)

Liu recognizes pressure but denies its effect. He has gone so far as to say, “I don’t have set goals before competitions. My coaches probably have goals for me, but I’m just responsible for resting well, practicing well, and doing well in races.”

Trammell’s take on high-pressure situations is: “Ultimately, that’s where legends are made. I feed off it.”

The importance of Liu to China cannot be overestimated.

China loves Liu with a passion. He is revered not only for being an Olympic champion, but for being one in a power-and-speed event, thus debunking an ingrained racial stereotype. The final on August 21 is for many Chinese the moment of reckoning when they can declare whether or not the Games have been a success.

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