Monday, August 4, 2008

Do the Interstate Ramp Stop Lights Work?

Do these things really work or is it another waste of our precious tax dollars? They either make you stop for no reason when there is NO traffic on the highway or they're pointless when there is traffic because everything is damn near at a standstill to begin with.  And why two lights per lane?  Who got the kickback on that one? Am I missing the logic?? GA DOT had a $1.2 BILLION shortfall this year, our bridges are collapsing and the GDOT is burning our hard earned tax dollars on ramp red lights, red light ticketing cameras and new road construction galore!!

What's going on?  And these dang red light cameras popping up at intersections are some bullshit. It's illegal and has proven to actually increase intersection accidents (as people slam on their brakes so the gov't wont rob them). Could there be a more wasteful approach to highway management than this? What moran in charge keeps approving these plans!!??

We do not need ramp meters. This is nothing more than another shining example of what our bloated government bodies do best, waste our tax dollars. Heads should be rolling over these meters. In fact, the whole freakin' GDOT management should be rolling since they can’t see the obvious waste.

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