Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

GA Governor Perdue's $23 Million Go Fish Center in the Country

We're in an economic catastrophe......Our Governor (who got elected by racist, or out of touch folks in the country who never voted before and thought Perdue was going to change the flag to the rebel flag) called for massive gov't cutbacks and layoffs. The cutback include everything from schools and health programs to veterans. Amid all of this, work is set to begin this week on the $23 million Go Fish Center down the road from Gov. Sonny Perdue’s home in Houston County (where is that?). The Go Fish Georgia program was the centerpiece of Perdue’s 2007 legislative agenda. Go Fish also is funding mega-boat ramps capable of handling hundreds of boats. DNR spokeswoman Beth Brown said, We’re already getting calls from national bass-fishing tournaments to use those ramps.

“This sends a terrible message when you Go Fish at a time you’re asking people to make real-life sacrifices,” said Rep. Al Williams. “It’s hard for me to explain this to my constituents.”

It's time we hold
our gov't accountable!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Cuz and Jody...

My Cuz and Jody Breeze (of Boyz N Da Hood fresh from getting his label tattooed on his arm) came by the crib to check out Aiden. Check for his solo album and peep the songs on my playlist "On My Way" and "Hood Nigga (Remix). If you a lame...don't wouldn't understand:

Check out Jody rappin' a lullaby to Aiden
(peep Aiden holding the mic)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

1 in 3 Atlanta Police Have Criminal Records (and the APD is cool with that)

More than one-third of recent Atlanta Police Academy graduates have been arrested or cited for a crime, according to a review of their job applications. The arrests ranged from minor offenses such as shoplifting to violent charges including assault. More than one-third of the officers had been rejected by other law enforcement agencies, and more than HALF of the recruits admitted using marijuana.

Keovongsa Siharath was arrested in Henry County on charges he punched his stepfather.

Jeffrey Churchill was charged with assault in an altercation with a woman in a mall parking lot.

Calvin Thomas was taken into custody in DeKalb County on a concealed weapons charge.

All three are now officers with the Atlanta Police Department.

(hold gets better)

But Atlanta police say it’s not so simple. Officials have been trying without success for more than a decade to grow the department. “We would like, in an ideal world, to see every applicant with a clean record, but obviously that’s not reality,” said Atlanta police Lt. Elder Dancy, who runs the department’s recruitment unit. “I don’t think you’ll find ANY departments who hire only applicants with squeaky-clean records.”

(I couldn't make this bullshit up if I wanted to)
It's time we hold our government accountable!

Real Desperate Housewives of Atlanta

Ok, I finally got a chance to watch the first episode of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (second episode is still on the DVR). Listening to the radio and reading the AJC, one can deduce lots of people of the ATL are DISGUSTED. Lisa Wu-Hartwell appeared to be a force to be reckoned with.....the others simply ain't 'bout shit. I found this commentary interesting:

By Kevin Forest Moreau

While many Americans spent last Tuesday night getting better acquainted with presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, I spent an hour getting to know five women I’ve never met. The debut episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” taught me some things about the city I call home. It was entertaining, in an “I can’t believe I’m still watching this” kind of way (Aja, record this when it comes on kind of way). But I also learned a thing or two about myself that, perhaps, I wish weren’t true:
  1. Why am I still watching this?
  2. why am I somewhat envious of the way they blow money considering i've turned into mr. frugal (kinda sorta) evident by the convo below:
Paul: Why does Aiden need TWO Boppys? (giving Aja the side eye)
Aja: One vibrates only and one swings only.
Paul: Ok (lookin' like...wth?...thinking, "are you serious?").

The funniest part about the Boppy question is I'm being super frugal and I didn't even pay for them! They were both gifts.....WTH? Ok back to the commentary:

Cast member, Sheree Whitfield (who makes me sick) is divorcing former ATL Falcon Bob Whitfield (who let Vick get sacked too many times); Kim Zolciak (white gul) is unmarried, but in a relationship with a wealthy man she refers to only as “Big Papa,” who declines to be identified or to appear on camera (and NeNe is super ghetto and not in a cute way....unlike Keyshia Cole). But those are minor quibbles, since “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” isn’t concerned with delivering an accurate portrayal of life in the ATL. What would be the point of that? No, this show wants to push our buttons—to pump us up with manufactured drama and shock us with conspicuous consumption (one housewife spends thousands of dollars on a purse; another writes a $68,000 check for gass guzlin' Escalade, and flashes a handful of $100 bills (is she a prostitute or something?) while clothes shopping). And like any good soap opera, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” wants us to revel in its bitchy feuds and gape in horror at the arrogance, cluelessness and narcissism of its characters. And we do. But as we watch Whitfield channel Meryl Streep from “The Devil Wears Prada” as she plans a massive birthday party for herself, we’re not so much transfixed by her imperiousness as we are saddened by the striking insecurity of a woman who insists that her soiree simply must run smoothly, and that it must be “the talk of the town.” (I certainly never heard of it, although Police Chief Richard Pennington apparently stopped by....READ POST ABOVE ABOUT THE APD.) Likewise, it’s easy to hoot at the sordid theater of Zolciak changing into an outfit in a gas station parking lot, but it’s not as easy to avoid feeling dirty for doing so. And it’s difficult not to feel a measure of pity for a grown mother of two willing to flaunt her questionable assets and impulses in the name of achieving some small drop of “fame” … and a measure of shame that we sit there soaking it all in (Lord, please take the wheel).


In conclusion, I feel sorry for them. It's true what they say...the best things in life are free. I can't even begin to describe the joy and happiness I feel when my
son is in my hands. $PRICELESS.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a few shots....

Ok...babe and I have mixed emotions whenever Aiden makes the face below. He looks soooo cute when he pouts (getting ready to waaaayyyyy)....whenever he makes this face we both say awwwww.....but at the same time he looks sooo sad and miserable and you know what's coming next after the pout...

mixed emotions"

"Drool Expert"

Whenever Aiden cries 2Pac has the most pitiful, concerned helpless look on his face.
When Aiden is in his Boppy (I think that's what it's called),
Pac likes to sit beside him
(he's sitting in the shot even though he looks like he's standing).
He's already loyal to his future playmate.

"Guard Dog"

What does it feel like....

To carry the hopes and dreams 
of the entire WORLD on your shoulders?

It's your responsibility to
 Barack the vote!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brian Nichols Trial Week 3 - Nat Turner Reincarnated

To those that don't know, Nichols,who was a computer engineer for UPS at the time, was falsely convicted of rape and went on a rage against the corrupt system when they took his freedom away
(below is what was shown to the jury today)

Brian Nichols Confession

Brian Nichols was at war with the United States government.

Nichols said he was provoked to start the war by a “multitude of different things,” including the conditions in the Fulton County jail, and the prison system of Georgia where “prisoners are required to work for free… you really have no choice other than to work… it parallels significantly the treatment of slaves.”

He said: “I felt as though I was a slave with them. As a soldier, I don’t feel like I committed any war crimes. There was no collateral damage.

He said he killed Barnes because “at the time I thought of Judge Barnes as the Master. The slave master.”

Nichols said he shot and killed federal agent David Wilhelm later that night at the Buckhead home where Wilhelm was doing tile work in a bathroom, because Wilhelm identified himself as a treasury agent.

Video of Brian Nichols' recorded confession played during his trial Tuesday.

Monday, October 6, 2008

$700 Billion Rescue?

"Bush sought to reassure panicking markets. "It's going to take awhile to restore confidence in the financial system. But one thing people can be certain of is that the bill I signed is a big step toward solving this problem," he said in San Antonio, Texas.

Nobody seemed reassured. Chaos in the financial system seemed to be growing by the minute.

The Dow industrials plunged below the 10,000 level for the first time in four years, and at one point were down as much as 800 points before recovering to close with a loss of 370. All sectors — not just financial companies — were being sold off.

People are panicked..."

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Aiden's Fist Time Out:

Today, Babe and I took Aiden out for the first time.
(not including baby check ups)
We first went to Slice.
(which is one of my favorite spots to hit around 2pm on a Sat. or Sun.
when barely anyone is there)
Check out the pics below....
after that we went to "Tarjeh", etc...

We had lunch on the couch:

I'm a sucka for those long island ice teas:

Urban Cowboy
(charging his cell phone at the bar? wth?)

pic below is art (click to enlarge)
are you feelin' it?