Monday, October 27, 2008

GA Governor Perdue's $23 Million Go Fish Center in the Country

We're in an economic catastrophe......Our Governor (who got elected by racist, or out of touch folks in the country who never voted before and thought Perdue was going to change the flag to the rebel flag) called for massive gov't cutbacks and layoffs. The cutback include everything from schools and health programs to veterans. Amid all of this, work is set to begin this week on the $23 million Go Fish Center down the road from Gov. Sonny Perdue’s home in Houston County (where is that?). The Go Fish Georgia program was the centerpiece of Perdue’s 2007 legislative agenda. Go Fish also is funding mega-boat ramps capable of handling hundreds of boats. DNR spokeswoman Beth Brown said, We’re already getting calls from national bass-fishing tournaments to use those ramps.

“This sends a terrible message when you Go Fish at a time you’re asking people to make real-life sacrifices,” said Rep. Al Williams. “It’s hard for me to explain this to my constituents.”

It's time we hold
our gov't accountable!

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