Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ok...last night was really the first time Aja and I have gone out since Aiden was born. I'm not really a bow tie guy (I usually wear a neck tie w/ the tux), but I wanted to switch it up. I couldn't figure out how to tie it with the aid of youtube so Aja helped me getter done (appreciate that lil mama and I can't believe you had a baby 3 months looked great babe). It was a formal Christmas party at the InterContinental Buckhead and we had a good time (We were jammin' doing the Cuban Shuffle..ha ha).

Well we left our beloved Prince Aiden in the care of his Grannah (aka Grandmother). We come home and see her and Grandfather Coach Jesse chillin' on the couch watching TV. No sign of Aiden...wth?

Me: Where is Aiden (concerned)?
Granna: He's in his crib sleep.

WHAT THE HAY!!!! In his crib???????.....he's never been in his bassinet much less the crib! We rushed upstairs and sure enough baby boy was knocked out. I have to admit...I used to joke to Aja about Aiden being in the bed..... but I've actually grown quite fond of having him next to us. It's comforting.....So I don't know about this crib stuff. The only good thing about the situation was I was able to test out some technology: my baby cam (the one thing I requested on the registry) which worked perfectly.

We're going to have to lay some ground rules next time we get a baby sitter because that was unaccptable behavior...ha ha.

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Miss Mann said...

pure comedy!! but we did run upstairs like the house was on fire didn't we!!!!