Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bad Law: Death Penalty

The Brian Nichols verdict (of life in prison with no possibility of parole) has added legs to a horrible proposed GA law that will allow a (flawed) judge to be able to overrule the jury and impose the death sentence if he/she deems necessary (when the verdict is not unanimous). The current law requires a unanimous decision for the death sentence. In GA, the smallest of crimes require a unanimous decision so it only makes sense that it would be required for the death sentence considering someone's life is on the line.

I'm against the death penalty because the argument for it is a fallacy. The system has proven occasion after occasion to be WRONG. Modern DNA technology has proven that numerous people have wrongly been sentenced to death...dead...never to be reversed, gone...The argument only has validity if the system is correct 100% of the time considering the punishment is DEATH. Until it can be proven that convictions of the death penalty are 100% correct, the death penalty should be illegal. That is simple logic.

The law now requires a unanimous sentence from a 12-person jury for death penalties, but legislators say there’s new momentum behind a plan that would allow a judge to impose capital punishment even when a few jurors vote against it.

“There ought to be a safety valve here,” said state Rep. Barry Fleming, who led two failed bids to change the death penalty rules. “A way to not make death penalty an automatic, but give the judge the option.”

Contact your rep. and tell them
to vote for this.