Monday, December 8, 2008

Michael Vick Bought a Mercedes-Benz to Drive Himself to Prison

Fist of's some bs that my man Vick is locked up over some freakin' dogs.
(when you have another player convicted of a DUI vehicular homicide
getting a 4 game NFL suspension)

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick spent $3.6 million in a three month period between entering his guilty plea and submitting to federal custody.
(Now that's what I call an economic stimulus - the American people and gov't should be thanking him).

On Nov. 19, Vick went to a car showroom in Hampton, Va (Big up Hamton U. - My sis. graduated from there). He picked out an andorite-gray 2008 Mercedes-Benz S550 sedan and, using his bank debit card, paid in full: $99,589.71.
(knowing he was going to file for bankruptcy)

(Can you blame the man?... F 'em)

Then he drove to Richmond,
surrendered to federal marshals and went to jail.


RJEsq said...

Hey P.

That Mercedes purchase was stupid and would not have been subject to any BK claim since it was paid in full via debit card.

RJEsq said...

...his mama's house is in foreclosure now.....

pd3 said...

Esq., Money goes...his creditors are about to sell the benz for $65 the time he gets out the benz would have been outdated..i just think that was his last hurrah.

Dang...his mommma's house is in foreclosure? According to the bankruptcy laws, he was allowed to keep one house and he chose his mother's house to keep. He gave his mom plenty of cash b4 he went in...used to pay his mom a $100K salary..AND his mother's church tithes (that's a bit much) the house is on her.

I hope he's the comeback kid when he's out.