Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tupac Interview about Biggie

Is there still a beef going on with you and Biggie?

There was never a beef, only a difference of opinion. My homeboy Suge gave me the best advice that I could ever get from anybody. When people ask him if he's beefing with Bad Boy and with Puffy, he's says it' s like me going to the playground to pick on little kids. That's like me being mad at my little brother cause he's getting cash now. I'm not mad at that, I'm just mad at my little brother when he don't respect me. And when you don't respect me, I'm a spank that ass. I don't give a fuck how rich you got on the block I'm your big brother. I'm a break your big ass down. That's my only point. I feel as though he wrong, he got out of hand. He got seduced by the power-not because he's an evil person, but because money is evil; if it's not handled right. If you lose your composure you could do anything. Fear got stronger than love and niggas did things that they weren't really supposed to do. They know in their hearts, that's why their in hell now. They can't sleep. That's why they're telling all the reporters and all the people "Why they doing this? They fucking up hip-hop, blah, blah, blah" cause they in hell. They can't make money, they can't go anywhere, they can't look at themselves cause they know the prodigal son has returned. I'm alive; the ghost is walking around. And I'm around talking, in jail I didn't talk. Now, everybody who thinks that I disrespected, I love my east coast fans. I'm from there. I'm eating New York Pizza, I drive New York jeeps but I'm saying let's keep it real for a second. If you're half the lover of music that you are, go back and study. Study how Party And Bullshit was me before I met Biggie. You don't hear my style in his raps. Study how after I met Biggie, Ready To Die comes out and his whole style changes study. Study why I would be mad when half of the major New York rappers or their managers, or their agents or their somebody was there when I got shot-and nobody couldn't give me no information. Just study that. Study how when Wu-Tang got their chain snatched at six-six-deuce, I not only found who did it but gave them the message that if they wanted to see the niggas that did it, they could see them. Man to Man, just you and them-no guns, no nothing if you feel like that. That's all I ask for. If you're going to act like a gangster or a "G" or a king of New York, I'm a expect that. And when you don't come through, then I'm going to want to crush your empire. And that's what it's time for.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


President Obama, a self-confessed BlackBerry addict, famously said that administrators would have to "pry it from my hands" after becoming inaugurated. Battle over; Obama gets his BlackBerry and becomes the nation's first e-mailing president.

"I want to be able to have voices, other than the people who are immediately working for me, be able to reach out and ... send me a message about what's happening in America."

First, only a select circle of people will have his address, creating a true hierarchy for who makes the cut and who does not (yes, I made the cut. BLACKberry brothas gotta stick together).

Second, anyone placed on the A list to receive his e-mail address must first receive a briefing from the White House counsel's office.

Third, messages from the president will be designed so they cannot be forwarded.

The device can switch from an ordinary PDA to a secure communications device at the touch of a button and its screen turns red when used in classified mode to signal that it can communicate only with similar handsets.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jay Z - My President Is Black (DC Mix)

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare on Vimeo.

"I wanna thank the mothafuga over seas who threw two shoes at George Bush. And I wanna thank the mothafugas who helped them move they shit up out the White House. Get it movin' BITCH! KICK ROCKS! My President is mouthafugan BLACK!!"

Angel Lola Love

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk,
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly

hello Ms. America
hey pretty lady
red white & blue flag
wave for me baby
never thought i'd say this shit

baby i'm good
you can keep your puss
i don't want no more bush
no more war
no more iraq
no more white lies

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama's Cadillac One

  • Bottles of the president's blood kept on board in case he needs an emergency transfusion.
  • It can withstand rocket impacts and it's perfectly sealed against biochemical attacks.
  • Comes with Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the driver

It's Official...

"...Young people everywhere are in the process
of imagining something different
than what has come before us:

Where there is war they imagine peace...
Where there is bigotry they imagine togetherness.

The futures will be in your hands
if you are able to sustain
this kind of energy and focus...

I promise you,
America will get stronger and more united!
You are going to make it happen,
and we thank you from the bottom our hearts.
God bless America.

Hit it, band!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Israel says "F" international humanitarian law

The United Nations Relief and Workers Agency says it has halted aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza Strip until the safety of aid workers can be guaranteed. The agency is calling for a permanent ceasefire. Spokeswoman Elena Mancusi Materi tells VOA the decision was made after one of UNRWA's drivers was shot and killed by tank fire while on his way to an Israeli border crossing to pick up some goods. "I just want to tell you that we have had cases of wounded people dying because ambulances could not reach them," the International Committee of the Red Cross Deputy Director of Operations Dominique Stillhart said. Stillhart says during the three-hour break in hostilities Wednesday, Israeli officials finally allowed a Red Cross-Red Crescent team to go into houses shelled four days earlier in the Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza City. He says the rescuers found 15 dead and 18 wounded, including four small children too weak to stand on their own next to their dead mothers. "And, this only 80 meters away from an IDF, Israeli military post who were clearly aware what was happening in these houses and they did not allow the Palestinian Crescent and ICRC to access these places," he said. "And, clearly failed ... their own obligation under international humanitarian law to care for the wounded regardless of which side, be they Palestinian or Israeli wounded."

The American Government needs to stop sending $BILLIONS of taxpayer's money to support Israel. Contact your representative today!
What would Jesus Do?? My faith tells me these are not the actions of God's "Chosen People"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aiden's First Taste Of "Real" Food

It's been a busy holiday so I'm late posting these pics:

Of course this is my favorite pic (below) and my desktop background:

Aiming for the mouth, but missing...

"YES! Finally succeeding in putting this thing in my mouth!"

"WTH?? Why did Mommie just take that thing out of my mouth???: this point Aiden is pissed and REALLY wanting the spoon back in his mouth:

Israel Commits War Crimes As The World Watches

Israel has violated, with no regard, the Geneva Convention Pact by murdering civilians in the case of armed conflict (many of them children and infants).