Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jay Z - My President Is Black (DC Mix)

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare on Vimeo.

"I wanna thank the mothafuga over seas who threw two shoes at George Bush. And I wanna thank the mothafugas who helped them move they shit up out the White House. Get it movin' BITCH! KICK ROCKS! My President is mouthafugan BLACK!!"

Angel Lola Love

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk,
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly

hello Ms. America
hey pretty lady
red white & blue flag
wave for me baby
never thought i'd say this shit

baby i'm good
you can keep your puss
i don't want no more bush
no more war
no more iraq
no more white lies

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MissMann said...

HOVA HOVA!!! That is the hottness!!!!!