Saturday, March 28, 2009

NFL Moats Stopped by Cop From Seeing Mother As She Died

Cops pull over NFL player and lectures him after he stopped and then slowly ran a red light with his hazards on a block from the hospital where his mother-in-law was on her death bed:

Moats: My Mother is DYING...RIGHT NOW!! I got SECONDS before she's gone.
Pig: That doesn't constitute running a red light.
SHUT YOUR MOUTH. I can take you to jail!...UNDERSTAND what I CAN do!

Your truck is illegally parked. I'll tow that as well. I can SCREW YOU OVER.

s: Yes Sir.

Hospital Nurse:
We're blue-coding her for the third time. She is dying.
I'm almost done [so is his mother]

FYI: Finally, after a 20-minute delay, the officer ticketed Moats for running a red light.

By the time Moats made it up to the emergency room, his mother-in-law was dead.

So, how does Officer Powell feel about how he carried out his job (after viewing the tape)?

“His belief was simply that he was doing his job,” Chief Simpson said
Luckily Moats' wife (who ignored the cop) was able to see her mother moments before she passed. I watched this video with my mother. She thought Moats was talking too much? wth?? I already know if this was me, after about 5 seconds the cop would have had to tackle me and I would have ended up in the back of the police car! I actually thought Moats was calm, showed extreme self control and was undeservingly respectful to the pig.

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