Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why You're Still Paying on GA 400

Before GA 400 was built, the government promised the toll would ONLY be on the highway until enough money was collected to pay for the highway. (bullshit)

Current Amount Owed: $26.6 million
Current Amount in the GA 400 Toll Account: $32 million

Why? Georgia can’t pay off the Ga. 400 debt, authority officials say, because it has to stick to a payment schedule that runs through 2011. (If that ain't a crock of shit, I don't know what is)

Guess what they are doing with our extra money:
An authority board resolution in 2003 said excess toll money would only be spent on Ga. 400 “corridor” projects, like roads that intersect Ga. 400 and “parallel routes that would directly impact mobility” on the highway. (bullshit)

The governement lied again:
Last year, the authority signed a $2 million contract with Jacobs Engineering Group to study how tolls could be placed on all 44 miles of HOV lanes in metro Atlanta (they're using our money to figure out how they can tax our asses some more)


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