Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Before The Spanish Invaded

Columbus wrote: "They traded with us and gave us everything they had, with good will..they took great delight in pleasing us..They are very gentle and without knowledge of what is evil; nor do they murder or steal..Your highness may believe that in all the world there can be no better people ..They love their neighbours as themselves, and they have the sweetest talk in the world, and are gentle and always laughing."

One of the earliest leaders to fight off Spanish conquest was Queen Anacaona, a princess of Xaragua who married Caonabo, the cacique of Maguana. The couple resisted Spanish rule in vain. Anacaona was hanged in front of her people at the age of 39 by the Spaniards. To this day, Anacaona is revered in Haiti as one of the country's founders.

The Spaniards exploited the island for its gold
. Those refusing to work in the mines were killed or sold into slavery. Europeans brought with them chronic infectious diseases that were new to the Caribbean, to which the indigenous population lacked immunity. These new diseases, ill treatment, malnutrition, societal disruption and a drastic drop in the birthrate were the results of the Spaniards invading and occupying Xaragua (Haiti).


Chef E said...

Strong piece. I often feel I am privileged to live in a place with such freedoms, and often we are given way too much. What we did to remove natural inhabitants for our own gain is unforgivable to a the God they prayed to. I am part Irish, Native American, and Creole. You cannot tell by the color of my skin, but I do try and remember hence I came.

Peace, and I like your site, music rocks too!

E - Poetry

Don said...

Paul Shirley could stand to click onto your blog and gain some understanding as to why Haiti ended up in the horrible conditions it remained.

without knowledge of what is evil