Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Kast Classic

Me and everything around me, is unstable like Chernobyl
Ready to go at any moment, jumpin like a pogo stick
Life never lived up to my expectations, so I accept the patience
Expect the worse but now I'm pacin, back and forth
Inside I'm melting like water on wicked witches
A monster truck done came and ran over my picket fences
I had the best of life in my clinches but monkey wrenches was thrown
Like chairs kings sit on, my prayers seem to long
I fall asleep before the endin, don't even get to say Amen
I hope He understand I be on bended knees
At times, I think I'm crazy, so I say forget it
Or maybe it's the devil infiltrating and like Riddick...Bowe
I've been fighting this since them fetus days
I count from one to twenty, when I'm through, repeat the phrase
It's just a phase, it's gon all pass, but that gets old too...


Don said...

I am unable to listen to the song and I tried to see if I remember the lyrics but I don't. But, yeah, Andre 3000 is easily one of my favorite rappers and has been since Outkast hit the scene.

Dude rips tracks with his creativity.

pd3 said...

What up Don! Andre is the truth. He's definitely on another level and always a breath of fresh air. I wish he would do more music.

The song is Millennium off the ATLiens album. Classic.