Sunday, April 18, 2010

ME: Son, you need to start pulling your weight around here.

Aiden: Ok, Dad. I'll wash my sippy cups!

(Now all Aiden wants to do is jump in the sink butt naked and wash dishes and if he can't he throws a fit!! I tell


Daij said...

Maybe it's because I had spent my entire childhood trying to be the best son to my dad (who's choice wasn't to adopt me and treated me like sh*t) that I have a special place in my heart when I see dads with their sons. It was so rare in my life. That's why nephew and I are close like father and son. Anyway, the pic made me smile. There are good dads out there after all---

pd3 said...

What up Daij! Sorry to hear about your relationship with your father. I appreciate the comment. When it comes to fatherhood, I'm a work in progress but I try and improve everyday. Glad to hear you're raising you nephew as your own. Children give us the opportunity to right some of the wrongs of the past. My son means the world to me. I've made some mistakes, but I learn from them and try my best show him how much I love him by being the best father I can be to him.

Don said...

Priceless picture.

I cannot think of anything that I have loved so much in this world besides my children and my grandmother. I have loved hard elsewhere, but nothing which compares to the feeling of completion given and received in a similar light.

SAS said...

Dearest Paul, it just absolutely floors me everytime I see Aiden sitting on his heels in the very same way that you sit on your heels - even today. Genes and genetics are absolutely amazing.

Your Mother

pd3 said...

Don! My man!! I know exactly what you're talking about...My mother was the first to teach me about unconditional love...and now my son is taking me right back to school!

My Dearest Mother....I never thought about me sitting on my heels...but now that you mention it..i do it all the time!

Adrienne is always telling me about things I used to do that Aiden now does...ha ha