Thursday, June 17, 2010

High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane, will open to traffic in June 2011

Save Gas + Save the Planet + Go Green = Carpooling

Not according to the GA government. Instead of promoting car pooling and reducing pollution, the gov't in more interested in creating revenue.

"As congestion in the main lanes rises, the toll price will also rise, always keeping enough drivers out to keep the traffic in that lane flowing. The tolls will only be charged electronically, to drivers who have signed up for an account and a “Peach Pass” transponder. Two-person car pools are not exempt and will have to pay." It may cost 90 cents per mile at the most congested times, or about $13 to drive the length of the project. At that price, the worst-case scenario for commuting the entire lane twice every weekday at top congestion would ring up at about $6,500 a year.

Those who violate the lanes will have their license plates automatically photographed and be mailed a bill for the toll plus a fine (pretty soon you'll be getting speeding tickets mailed to you).

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