Friday, July 16, 2010

Rest in Peace Jesse Hill

My heart is heavy. Today one of my heroes passed away to Heaven. Jesse Hill or as Aiden called him, PA PA lived every day in such a positive manor as if it was going to be his last. I hope one day I earn the right to die as Jesse did. I often say to myself, "when I'm on my death bed, will I be able to look back on my life and my growth and be at peace?" Considering the life Jesse lived, I think he answered that question for himself with a resounding, "YES!" He made such a positive impact on so many people's lives. He will always be an inspiration to me and an example of how to live. The last time I saw Jesse was at his Fatherhood Conference (click here). He taught me so much about fatherhood, faith in the Lord, business, unconditional love, on and on....He will be dearly missed and I will pass his lessons down to my sons. Rest in peace Jesse. I love you and will remember you always.

Each day I expect the best in my life.
I do not allow anything outside of me
to determine how I feel
or what I should expect from life.

-Jesse Hill

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