Monday, October 25, 2010

Kanye's "Runaway"

Wow...Kanye really pushed the envelope. I'm loving the creative depth of this film. This will probably be studied in film classes of the future. A masterpiece. I have my own interpretation, but would love to know Kanye's REAL thought process for the imagery (plus I probably need to be on that "loud", watching in full screen HD to really understand it). There are a lot of religious/symbolic/historical references. Just like most art, it can be interpreted a million different ways. My favorite scene is when he's jammin' on the drum machine...make that beautiful bird dance Ye. I like the way the music builds and of course I appreciate when the violins kick in (I love to see a musician really get into their music...especially when it's hot)....5:56 mark

This is an awesome shot!
no makeup or hair did....just natural God given beauty

For the car lovers...

He's driving a '93 Tatra MTX V8 in the film. Tatra stopped making cars in 1999 (they now make very large trucks) and was the first car producer in central Europe, founded in 1850. The company is in the Czech Republic (the same place the film was shot). The car is a mid-engined RWD that uses a bespoke 3.9 litre V8 and goes from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds with a top speed of 153mph. The 4 speed manual pushed out only 220bhp at 6500rpm. Not really the type of numbers you think of when it comes to a super car, however still a very valuable car considering only 4 were made.

For the Audio/Video Lovers....

The TV in the film is a state of the art legendary Bang & Olufsen. Another masterpiece. MSRP $5400. This B&O BeoVision 8 40" TV came out this past summer.

BeoVision 8

The perfect balance
"There are many abbreviations to keep track of when it comes to modern televisions. LCD, HDMI, DVB, Full HD… No wonder that many people prefer to remember just one: B&O."

This is an ideal home studio.


Don said...

Great breakdown of the Runaway video. I had gone so far as to Google the name of the sleek vehicle in the video.

I've watched the video at least five times. Great imagery. Incredible music. Genius.

Agreed, May interpretations can be given. I personally believe it touches upon his relationship with Amber Rose.

Also, I found this interesting Shakur video the night of the Vegas shooting: tupac shooting:

pd3 said...

Don...what up!! From one Pac fan to another, I appreciate the video (I've never seen it...I also watched part 2). I never knew the police pulled them over after the fact.

pd3 said...

Don, I agree. I think a lot of it was about Amber...I also think a lot of it had multiple inspirations...check this interpretation out:

"The general underlying theme in the film, which all other sub-themes stem from is that of life, death, and rebirth. In alchemy, metaphorically speaking the ultimate goal is to burn away the dross of your being, in order to turn yourself into gold.

This is the human condition where we must constantly struggle to burn away our imperfections of fear/doubt, so that we can ascend closer to love.

Kanye captures their universal truth, and reminds us of how we all live the life of the Phoenix.

We are all one living organism, breathing together, burning together, and being reborn together; striving towards love like flowers towards light.

In this struggle there will always be evil for us to overcome, which Ye personified with a few cool scenes.

The part where he was confronted with the question "Do you know she's a bird?" at the dinner table was a way of talking about caste systems dating back to the beginning of time.

Ye's response was very poetic as he said, "No I never noticed that", personifying himself and this new generation to look past the caste you were born into.

Yeezy himself is an example of overcoming the caste system by rising from the middle class to royalty so to speak, resonating the message that every being has the potential for greatness no matter their outward appearance.

And if that comment wasn't enough sarcasm, Kanye ends up shitting on everyone at the bourgeois table by toasting to all the douche bags with an incredible performance of "Runaway".

It was beautifully executed, because the ballerinas personified Ye's music on a physical realm adding to the experience of the song on another level. The addition of the ballerinas made you feel the elegant visual connection between body and sound.

Another evil Ye warned the viewer to overcome is that of their own perception by saying, "First rule in this world baby, don't pay attention to what you see in the news". This slight warning opens up a whole can of worms, because if you really open your eyes and look, you'll see how decisions are being made to keep the general level of consciousness at an all time low.

People will believe anything they are told, and are open for easy manipulation. Did you know that the "news" is being controlled by companies that profit by others misfortune? While you watch TV and pay attention to fake representations of life, you're missing the black sack that's being pulled over your head.

Food is being chemically altered to create long term health problems, crisis' are being created to bring us into wars for money, our economy is built on debt, education and healthcare are not a priority, we are consuming all of our natural resources, fear and terror is marketed to society through mass media, and we are being conditioned for control with troop imagery/microchip propaganda.


pd3 said...


Kanye ends up touching on this topic of slave mentality, with the visuals of the kid running with the red torch. Yeezy said that the kid represented passion that roams freely, however he foreshadowed that same kid falling into a slave mentality with the imagery of him wearing a red cult hood like the rest of the followers.

As a society most of us spit evil to the young by saying that something is impossible, trapping them to think about life in a certain slave perspective; as Yeezy said, I think it's our duty to break out society from their own mental jails in leading by example, and showing that anything truly is possible.

One of my favorite scenes in the film is when Ye is sprinting down the long road, which reminded me of our own unique metaphysical paths that we are assigned to walk.

It made me smile that Ye was sprinting down his, and inspired me to pick up the pace! (Sidebar: the best teacher is inspiration, because it is the fastest motivator of evolution.)

In conclusion the film "Runaway" foreshadows the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that is thrusting us towards spiritual evolution

The album will have similar themes of recognizing evil, burning it away, being reborn in a new light, and lastly repeating the cycle all over again.

While Kanye would never admit it, I do believe that we as a culture have finally turned him to stone by relating him to the Phoenix.

His life exemplifies the Phoenix, and I believe we can always count on Yeezy to shine beautifully, burn beautifully, and be reborn beautifully.

We've seen it done during 'College Dropout', '808s & Heartbreak', and most recently this past year from Taylor Swift to 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'!

This is why I respect Kanye West, because he burns willingly for the benefit of humanity as a whole."

Don said...

Easily the best interpretation of Runaway that I've read. I agree with everything said.

And I definitely believe that Kanye West walks through a spiritual fire, like many others in life, except he is able to reflect in a more artistic manner.

The video has been a topic of discussion amongst the co-workers since it aired. Now, after reading your comment, I can end all arguments.

I had read that Vegas P.D. were acting like some assholes the night of the shooting, but I never knew to what extent. Did you see the Biggie crime scene, and where Lil Cease said that, after the shots were fired, Biggie gave him this quiet look of, "Can you believe these mofo's got me?"

That was real.

pd3 said...

no I didn't see the Biggie crime it on youtube?