Friday, February 25, 2011

J Is For Junkie

I received this Ad in my email today. Would love to have attended the viewing, but I'm going out of town. Back in my school days, I worked at a valet at a strip club downtown and got to know the J's in the area very well. You would be surprised at how phenomenal a lot of them are, the stories they have to tell and how much you can learn from an addict.

Crack is a HORRIBLE drug. I once candidly asked an addict (after she offering me head for $5), "What kind of high [from crack] will make y
ou disrespect yourself for such little money? " Her response was, "NEVER try crack! I have lost my soul and everything else to crack. The high is amazing but it only last 15 MINUTES....and as soon as those 15 minutes are up, you are willing to do get another $5 ($5 ready-rock) to get that 15 min. high again."

Crack addiction is a serious, potentially fatal disease with no cure! As Whitney Houston so eloquently stated, "Crack is whack!" This film looks very interesting.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yung LA

Yung LA has officially lost his mind.....this dude parted ways with Grand Hustle...unsigned and gets Alley Boys Record Co.'s logo tattooed on his face (and the logo is a DUCK....who wants to be like a duck?). This dude was obviously high in the video not currently realizing he is unsigned (maybe he was hallucinating? - and furthermore you have to be super, duper high to say a tattoo feels like a massage.....hell nawwww). As Alley boy tweeted, "I don't know what drug make niggaz do dumd shit." Is Yung LA signed with Da Mob?!”--Fuck NO! (and alley boy actually disses him on his latest mixtape)

"It's hard enough for real niggaz to get in. That would go against everything I stand for. #DTE"

(I know this dude woke up the next morning w/ the worst hang over wondering what happened last night...i'm mad at his tattoo artist for doing it.)

Yung LA used to be the man....some drugs you need to never touch

Gas prices rising as protests spread in Mideast, N. Africa

Protests across the Mideast and North Africa have sparked concern in the oil market (raising gas prices over CONCERNS). Friday's closing price of $86.20 on the New York Mercantile Exchange was 20 cents higher than a week earlier. However, experts say there have been no disruptions in oil supply.
[Ain't that some bs!]

Libya Revolution

Statements like this make you appreciate being an American more. Glad to be an American and not have to wake up to this asshole pointing the finger at me saying:

Seif al-Islam said his father is in the country and backed by the army. "We will fight to the last minute,
until the LAST BULLET!"

"We are NOT Tunisia and Egypt!"

Instead of weep­ing over 84 dead peo­ple (actually 200-800), we will weep over hun­dreds of thou­sands of dead,” Saif al-Islam Qaddafi said on state tele­vi­sion. “Blood will flow. RIVERS OF BLOOD WILL FLOW in all the cities of Libya!”

BTW Kadafi has shut down the Internet and blocked all outgoing/incoming international calls.....and not letting the media in as he gets ready to mass murder.

Miguel - Sure Thing

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alley Boy

While a lot of rappers glorify drug dealing (Rick Ross, Jeezy, etc...).....they don't paint a balanced picture and show you the being locked up......Alley Boy is real in every way:

"I seen niccas pray to beat a court case,
60 years, my lil partna spit in the judge's face.
I talk reality, rappers lying about whipping pot [making crack in a pot]
But they don't talk about that trafficking charge that nicca got."

"Make sure a nicca pray today cause one day's going to be the last day,
with my routine...chasing this green could be the fast way."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alley Boy

I just happen to stumble across this mixtape; "Alley Boy - Purgatory". Never heard of him. Started listening to it and could not turn it off. Turns out he's from East side of the A. Maybe that's why I like it so much....Dude is nice! He may be the next big thing out of Atlanta and the return of "story rap"...but then again he may be too alley, for the masses. He's never released an album but just signed a 50/50 deal with Atlantic.

These are a few of my favorites: