Friday, February 25, 2011

J Is For Junkie

I received this Ad in my email today. Would love to have attended the viewing, but I'm going out of town. Back in my school days, I worked at a valet at a strip club downtown and got to know the J's in the area very well. You would be surprised at how phenomenal a lot of them are, the stories they have to tell and how much you can learn from an addict.

Crack is a HORRIBLE drug. I once candidly asked an addict (after she offering me head for $5), "What kind of high [from crack] will make y
ou disrespect yourself for such little money? " Her response was, "NEVER try crack! I have lost my soul and everything else to crack. The high is amazing but it only last 15 MINUTES....and as soon as those 15 minutes are up, you are willing to do get another $5 ($5 ready-rock) to get that 15 min. high again."

Crack addiction is a serious, potentially fatal disease with no cure! As Whitney Houston so eloquently stated, "Crack is whack!" This film looks very interesting.

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