Monday, February 21, 2011

Yung LA

Yung LA has officially lost his mind.....this dude parted ways with Grand Hustle...unsigned and gets Alley Boys Record Co.'s logo tattooed on his face (and the logo is a DUCK....who wants to be like a duck?). This dude was obviously high in the video not currently realizing he is unsigned (maybe he was hallucinating? - and furthermore you have to be super, duper high to say a tattoo feels like a massage.....hell nawwww). As Alley boy tweeted, "I don't know what drug make niggaz do dumd shit." Is Yung LA signed with Da Mob?!”--Fuck NO! (and alley boy actually disses him on his latest mixtape)

"It's hard enough for real niggaz to get in. That would go against everything I stand for. #DTE"

(I know this dude woke up the next morning w/ the worst hang over wondering what happened last night...i'm mad at his tattoo artist for doing it.)

Yung LA used to be the man....some drugs you need to never touch

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