Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess Diana Ring For Sale

This commercial came on TV last night!!! Initially, I thought it was a documentary about the wedding....I was comically surprised to find out it was a commercial...LOL. Please don't confuse the legit "Royal Historical Society" with the American trademarked "British Royal Society" which is not a society at all and trademarked by "As Seen on TV."

youtube comment (LOL):

Hahahaha this commercial is hilarious!

Comes with a certificate of authenticity: Yep, it's a ring! We have proof!

Comes with a HINGED velveteen box. Mother of god, a hinge! I'll cherish it forever!

Was $119.00 but our marketing director's conscience literally burst out of his forehead and threatened to kill us all if we didn't mark it down to $19.90. It was still a tough call.

Oh man, funniest commercial ever.

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