Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Murder Troy Davis on 9/21/11


I happen to be against the death penalty for many reasons. No matter your views on capital punishment, I think it's a pretty logical argument that no person should be put to death without physical evidence of guilt (any person can make their mouth say anything). I don't know if Troy Davis is a cop killer or not, but I do know there is too much doubt to put this man to death. Even if you don't agree with my opinion, these are the FACTS and I repeat...these are FACTS...not opinions:

seven of nine key trial witnesses recanted their testimony which pointed to Davis as Officer MacPhail’s murderer. troy2The two remaining nonrecanting witnesses were Sylvester “Red” Coles, who was himself alleged to have been the shooter in affidavits, and Steve Sanders, who identified Davis at trial two years after the incident despite admitting to police immediately following the shooting that he would not be able to recognize the shooter.

Additionally, three affidavits now state that Coles confessed to the killing.

troy5The police had no leads until Coles went to the police station the day after the murder, admitted that he was one of the three individuals involved in the altercation with Larry Young (the homeless guy), and implicated Davis in the MacPhail shooting.
No physical evidence from the crime was retrieved, apart from the bullets and shell casings, which were determined to have come from a .38-caliber pistol. On cross-examination, Coles admitted that he also had a .38 pistol, but stated that he had given it to another man earlier that night (go figure). The Prosecutor himeslf has stated that he would not try this matter as a capital case today. When it comes to death, there should be no room for doubt.


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