Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tupac's 15 Year Death Anniversary


So to commemorate Tupac's 15 year death anniversary, the Outlaws announced in an interview they smoked Pac's ashes. Not really sure how I feel about this....I kinda am feelin' it...I think?

Noble was asked point blank if it was true the group rolled the cremated rapper into a joint and smoked him.

“Yes, it is definitely true. Had a little memorial for him with his mum and his family.”

Bandmate E.D.I. said “If you listen to (the song) Black Jesus, Tupac said, "Cremated, last wishes, nigga smoke my ashes!" That was a request he had.”

Added Noble: “We twisted up some of that great granddaddy California Kush and mixed the big hommie with it...he's flowing through our system.”

Translation: They cut open a Blunt cigar, removed the tobacco and filled it with broken down Cannabis sativa mixed with Tupac's ashes and proceeded to smoke it and became one."

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