Friday, February 10, 2012

Holler If You Hear Me (Remix)


Don said...

After the NYPD murdered an 18 year old black man in the Bronx a few days ago, the spirit of this song continues to ring true.

First time ever hearing this particular remix - dope!

pd3 said...

My man Don...what up!! Bruh, I posted this after being falsely accused of running a stop sign and then being harassed by the cops when I went back to the intersection to take pictures of the officer's location as evidence of my innocence. Potentially 3 points on my license pales in comparison to a life being taken. So sad. Praying for him and the family. "pump your fist like this...pump, pump if you're pissed."

Don said...

Harassed by cops as you were taking pictures as evidence of innocence.

Yep. This is Georgia's finest, in all their glory. Lol.