Saturday, May 12, 2012


praise in public - scold in private

This picture has gone viral on facebook (click on pic). A countless number of my fb friends have “shared” this photo and everyone has the same thing to say, “Excellent parenting mom!!” Me personally; I’m on the fence leaning towards the opposite. As a parent, naturally, we all want the best for our children.

On one hand:

This is humiliation. Egg on face for the WORLD to see and she appears to be crying. I firmly believe that you can discipline your child without humiliating them to the public. Albeit, I’m not the strictest parent in the world but geez… I don’t really know the details of the offense, but it could be worse….she could have been DRINKING the liquor in the picture (or smoking a blunt) but obviously she wasn’t. Was she consistently informed by her mother AND father (who have different but equally important roles) about her self-worth and the potential danger of drugs/alcohol in her life? Was this her first offense of “trying to be cool” by posing in a pic beside a “Patron” bottle? How old is she? 15, 16? How are her grades? I personally plan to let my sons have their first drink at 18. If they're old enough to be charged as an adult for a crime and old enough to die for this country in the military……then damn it, they’re old enough to have a drink (preferably in the comfort of their home with the supervision/guidance of their parents).

Considering I work in the technology industry, I understand & appreciate the power of social media. It’s been the catalyst of people being charged with federal crimes and arguably the deciding factor in the election of the President of the US, the most powerful person on the earth. This mother chose to post this humiliating ‘picture/long ass caption’ on Facebook…..which in turn spread like a virus. ANYONE who sees this child (school friends, teachers, parents, ect…), I suspect, their first thought will be this photo. This could potentially damage her in more ways than one and that’s not cool.

On the other hand:

I realize that alcohol can potentially be a SERIOUS problem especially at a young age. As a parent, I understand that you should do everything possible to insure that your children succeed. You don’t want your child posting pics on Instagram one day and next getting a D.U.I. that will follow them until death (or even worse, getting into a car accident because they think being slizzered and driving is cool). Nip that shit in the bud. Maybe you warned your child over and over and did this as a last result to save their life? Maybe not.

You obviously care. The question is…..”Is this best for your child?”

SN: I consider myself a new parent (I have very little experience in parenting), so all this is new to me and I’m still learning and trying to evolve to be the best parent I can be.

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