Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frank Ocean

I didn’t really know much about Frank Ocean until him revealing his sexuality made news. I’m not really sure why this was such big news….he’s an R&B singer. It’s not like he’s some hardcore rapper. None the less, this dude is an amazing artist. I’m pretty much loving ALL the music he’s done. I’m feeling his mixtape and can’t wait to listen to his new album, “Channel Orange” which is about to drop. He’s going to be in Atlanta soon. I would love to take babe to see him in concert, but his show is at 9:30pm on a Sunday (unfortunately I don’t know anyone who would babysit that late on Sunday).

The beat (in the beginning) in the song below reminds me of one of my favorite songs, “Vibrate” by 3 Stacks. The lyrics tell an amazing story. He's pure artistic genius in his writing. A 10 minute song on an album. I love it.

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