Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 2 of Chicago Teacher’s Strike


I think it’s very unfortunate that 400,000 Chicago kids are not getting an education for the 2nd day in a row because the teachers can’t come to terms about money.  I don’t think the teachers should be paid based on performance.   Teachers with consistently poor results should be further trained, suspended, fired or in some cases…nothing done at all.…NOT offered lower pay…  It takes two to tango.  Teachers are supposed to teach and students are supposed to learn.  Some student (for whatever reason) don’t learn and sometimes this has NOTHING to do with the teacher’s effort.  There are many factors that determine the performance of students in a classroom.  Teachers are a factor but not the only factor.

I understand the teacher’s position.  I don’t agree with the method of expressing their disagreement.  Teachers find a better way to push your propaganda.  You’re setting a bad example for our kids.  You’re not getting what you want so you’re not going to work.  Period.  Undebatable fact.  You went on strike not to improve the system’s scholastic environment (1 in 2 students graduate from HS.  6 in 100 get a college degree in 6 years or less after graduating from HS). They went on strike for the reason teachers always go on strike – for higher wages.

Right now, the kids are suffering, learning nothing and probably getting into all kinds of mischief while their parents are at work. An idle mind is the devil's playground.

FYI…these are NOT poor teachers.

The average Chicago Public School teacher earns $71,237.  The starting teacher salary is $53,725…and let’s not forget about your pension.  Yes, you deal with bad ass kids all day.  You also get the satisfaction of shaping and developing the minds of our future….you get three months of paid vacation every year (including summer and holidays)….and you can bump your salary up w/ a side hustle.  Coaches get up to an additional $6,000/year or baby sit kids (non-instructional) after school for $35.50/hour. Not to mention the elephant in the room; the Chicago school system has a $1 BILLION deficit.  You’ll need a pay cut, not a pay raise.

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