Friday, November 16, 2012

Ethel Ennis - Change

Often I find that most of the music in my car is inappropriate for my boys to listen to.  Not to mention my personal music, I really don't like the main radio stations in Atlanta.  I'm often shocked and appalled at what is played to the public for all to more often than not, I turn to Clark Atlanta University's jazz station 91.9 when they're in the car.  Aiden loves it, since he really likes to hear different instruments (especially horns) it mellows me out (win-win).  I stumbled upon this song.  It's dedicated to change...dedicated to getting older and more mature....dedicated to my boys who are no longer babies.....dedicated to those who are no longer with us........dedicated to becoming wiser and appreciating what REALLY matters in life......the only constant in life is......change.

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